Top 10 Zombie Moments

NowGamer takes a look at zombie games and has a rundown of the very best zombie moments in video games...

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Feckles2889d ago

That whole Ravenholm level has to be a great zombie moment.

StitchJones2889d ago

"We don't go to Ravenholm anymore"

Urmomlol2889d ago

Missing Nazi Zombies, but other than that, a pretty well rounded list.

See, Now Gamer? I don't hate on all your articles. If it's well written and well thought out, I have absolutely no problems with them.

Infernostew2889d ago

Quite a liberal use of the word zombie. Some of these creatures mentioned aren't zombies but a pretty good list nonetheless.

Feckles2889d ago

Yeah, it's zombie in the broadest sense. Still the Flood are, to all intents and purposes, zombies. And so are the guys in Siren. Good list – just missing those Plants Vs Zombies.

antz11042889d ago

"The zombies are coming...."

xxchicago33xx2889d ago

I question a few of the examples being actual Zombies...but you nailed number 1. Before I clicked they link I said it has to be the first scene in RE.

antz11042889d ago

My personal fav was getting chased by the giant zombie at the end of RE 2 and then finding out it was the girls father. CREEPY!!!

I would have put in the Tank from L4D. One is terrifying, but if you don't kill it quick enough in the finale then you have 2. Now thats getting pooped on, lol.

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