XMB Modified With More Debug Options

Psgroove writes: "Kris Absinthe has reported via his blog, that he has successfully modified the XMB. He has added a few Debug PSN options by modifying his XML files on his flash."

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dangert122861d ago

Hey Mr Hacker i respect what your doing for the community honestly but can you leave that shit at home i mean people like you will screw people like me over eventually for example OTHER OS
love u bye

Red_Orange_Juice2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

not interested, please move on to warez forums

WhittO2861d ago

lol, imagine if they started adding things everyone wants that Sony hasn't delivered, could be good for us because maybe Sony will listen to the reasons why people are jail-breaking their ps3's (like Apple learned why people jail broke their iphones and started adding the missing features).

dantesparda2861d ago

what missinbg features were that?

lex-10202861d ago

Oh you know, like picture messaging, a video camera, tethering. You know the little things that everyone in the world except Iphone had. Get off Steve Jobs nuts and realize the first Iphone sucked. But Apple added what people wanted and improved it.

evrfighter2861d ago

"you will screw people like me over eventually for example OTHER OS "

right cuz you used other os

Eamon2860d ago

Apparently, some modders may have found a way to re-enable Other OS. lol

WhittO2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

what missinbg features were that?"

haha, everyone knows the main reasons why most people jail-broke their iphone: MMS, custom wallpapers, cop & paste, tethering, basically loads more customisation and options that Apple didn't allow, but most of them features have now been added, so there is less reason now to jail-break.

You know Apple prob wouldn't have been so quick to add all of them features if the jail-break didn't exist!

As soon as they start adding ps3 features everyone wants and there is all of a sudden loads of reasons to jail-brake, Sony will listen.

raztad2860d ago


I guess you are talking about this:

However, inside the article you can find this little piece of info:

"Time will tell if we have otheros working eventually."

I can't tell for sure, but I wouldnt be surprised if Sony removed every bit of support for OtherOS in the PS3 OS. I find very unlikely hackers can get otheros working properly ever.

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Brklynty12861d ago

Theres no point in hacking the PS3 seriously.

FantasyStar2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

why's that? I see plenty of reason to hack the PS3. That SneS emulator I saw on youtube is amazing. IT puts the Virtual Console on Wii to shame. Also, playing PSP Games on the PS3? DC games as well? C'mon, you can't not be impressed by that.

wissam2861d ago

PSP one was fake and snes can be played on 10 years old pc.
people will hack mainly to play free games.

nycredude2861d ago

Also why the hell would you want to play PSP games on the ps3. The graphics will be below hd levels and it is no longer portable. It's retarded. Plus if you are too cheap you can already hack the psp.

Face it. It's pointless. Only people who want to pirate cares about this.

The Great Melon2861d ago

I would love to play PSP games on the PS3. I tend only play PSP and DS games when I travel, but I don't travel often. If the ability to play PSP games was created I would jump all over it.


Graphics aren't everything in this world. You make it seem like everything before HD games are unplayable.

DaTruth2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

2 years ago I had an NES emulator on the Ps3 but there was no sound and no support for save games.

$hit was great till the next firmware ended it. MegaMan 2 and Bionic Commando was great but I got to Wily's world dragon boss and it started bugging up on me so I couldn't finish the game!

@The Great Melon: It sounds great to play PSP games on your HD television, but I bought the cable for that and only used once!

mfwahwah2861d ago

There's no point in playing games on the PS3 either though.

It's just that some people find different things fun. You play video games on your PS3. They hack their PS3. I don't care who does what.

badz1492861d ago

first it was enabling otherOS but it was just there but doing nothing! and then there was playing PSP's ISO and it was proven FAKE and now what's this? what's the point? you can't even go to PSN using the exploit!

for those hoping for PS2 emulation, XGC and so on, just give it up already! it's not going to happen, not unless if they can find a way to hack FW3.42 and now FW3.50! what took them so long? it's been awhile since FW3.42 but none came out with any hack! now they just realized that Sony purposely allowed them to use the Logan5 tools as there was no harm to it as the PS3 and PSN was secured. but with the exploit, just a quick updates disabled that and no hacked PS3 are online since then! well, without the stolen dongle and code, hackers were hopeless for almost 4 years and I'm not expecting them to hack FW3.5 anytime soon! have a happy time staying offline

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xino2861d ago

Please think again!
Why the fark did Sony advertised the OtherOS on their ps3 in the first place? why was OtherOS installed to the ps3 in the first place? If Sony knew that would be the way Hackers can hack the ps3???

After years later, an hacker boasted he can hack the ps3, thus Sony got scared and removed the thing we all paid for. My goodness the ps3 has been out since 2006! Why is it in 2010 Sony decided to remove the goddamn OtherOS?

People like you who support paying for DLC on disc are the ones who wouldn't understand how Sony are ruling us gamers and supporting their actions.

It is now proven that the ps3 can be hacked and is hacked via exploit. So why can't Sony give us back the OtherOS???

showtimefolks2861d ago

that they advertised the feature but in ps3 user agreement they have the right to close any service ban anyone limit anyone's services

so if sony keep banning people in a way more people will buy ps3 one for hack other for online gaming so sony wins either way

lex-10202861d ago

I didn't buy my Ps3 for the install other operating system. And quite frankly I couldn't have cared less about it. If you want to run Linux so much put it on your computer. I bought my Ps3 for games and the bluray player. I can't say for certain but I can say with reasonable confidence that most people didn't use the install other OS option. I can also say that most, not all, but most of the people in an uproar about it are A) Hackers using it as the easiest exploit, or B) Xbox fanboys who are using it as ammo against Sony. I'm sure there are some people out there who actually used it for other things.

xino2861d ago

Listen mate, we don't care what you do with your PS3 whether you bought it to surf porn online, play games and movies or use linux for other uses what ever. The main point is, you bought the Ps3 and it isn't yours to keep, therefore you are basically renting it!

Second, do whatever you want on your ps3, we don't care. The problem is SONY removed a feature MOST people played for which is the OtherOS.
Tell me, did anyone EVEN hacked the ps3 with the OtherOS? no, we only had an hacker boasting that he can hack the ps3 and Sony were shaking in your boots and removed the feature to prevent hack.

And look what this has brought, hackers are now even hacking the ps3 to bring the OtherOS back. You see the irony there mate?

If you demand that if I want to use linux I should use it on pc, then I demand if you want to play game go back an Xbox 360 or play it on PC. If you want bluray go back a bluray player or get a bluray drive on your pc. Your argument is flawed.

Everyone used the ps3 for different purposes and Sony alienated a lot of people for removing that feature.

Sitris2861d ago

So this xino guy doesn't want to support Sony because he payed money for the playstation 3 game player, for Linux, even though you have a computer that can run Linux. So you will support hackers that keep the other os feature. You do realize that if you want to use the other os feature you can revert your firmware? Same result, no threat of ripping money of Sony. Cause when you hack, no psn. You need to be quite mate, you don't need to hack to have os back.

Oxymoron282861d ago

Xino; The PS3 is a home console, it's purpose is a gaming system, as in you play games on it. If you spent £300+ on a PS3 for the OtherOS feature then you, my friend, are an idiot. The "OtherOS" feature had no use along those lines, and I can't believe for a second that people actually brought the PS3 so they can install Linux.

Those that are saying they want to hack their PS3 so they can re-enable "OtherOS" are lying, they just want to get free games and the like...

Persistantthug2861d ago

Because here you are telling me what I'm supposed to use and do with my PS3, and If I don't do what YOU think I'm supposed to do with MY PS3, I'm an idiot.

I paid for my PS3, I paid that money to have all my features, and I expect them to be there...period.

Sony's gonna lose this California Lawsuit, and it will be good for consumers.

Thank goodness California is a liberal state that champions consumer rights.

Oxymoron282861d ago

Persistantthug: I don't quite see how you took offence, PS3 is a gaming system, so it makes sense to buy it for gaming.

As I said in another post the OtherOS feature was only there for "super computer" use (like what the Air Force were doing with them).

OtherOS wasn't a unit selling feature so I don't know why people treat it like one...

Eamon2860d ago

Some people are happy to be tools. You shouldn't bother arguing with them.

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diatom2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

These are custom themes anyone can make via the free Sony XML compiler they released a few months ago. I can also make options to run 360 games, cross game chat and turn water into wine, they just won't do anything....

ElementX2861d ago

As if you even knew what Linux was anyway....

Solid_Snakeps32861d ago

well said... If it wasn´t for hackers we would still have OtherOs feature, and people wouldnt bitch for something they didnt use...

dragonelite2860d ago

The ps 3 is already hacked so what about getting other os back sony.

PopEmUp2860d ago

for me to hack my Ps3 is to watch Mkv videos, to game straight off from the ps3 incase of my blu-ray lense die on me, and do cool dynamic wallpaper or making background that have sound on it that would be awesome to think of it

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mushroomwig2861d ago

Those damn fingerprint marks, clean that!

RedPawn2861d ago

You know what those marks really CAME from.

MGRogue20172861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

You know what this guy is doing.. yeah, It doesn't look right. It feels wrong.

Simco8762861d ago

Stop making these things on the PS3. I am already dreading the firmware updates to stop this

sjaakiejj2861d ago

When will hackers understand that they are harming the Playstation 3 owners much more then they are giving them? Especially the ones that aren't pirates.

xino2861d ago

You bought the PS3 but SONY thinks of it that you are only renting it, but you do not own the ps3 regardless you buying it.

We paid for otheros and they removed it, so you don't care because you rightfully contributed 3rd of your money to sony by paying for otheros.

if otheros can allow hackers to hack the ps3, why the hell was it included in the first place?
a question you should ask yourself.

So I advice you to support the hackers and if Sony wants to disable all features of PS3. Who would buy their trash console?

I mean PS3 was even advertised it can multitask, but can it really do that? NO! Because if it can we wouldn't have to demand for cross game chat or party system.

HeavenlySnipes2861d ago

all that shit b/c the hackers that you are supporting look to exploit stuff and make Sony step in and remove them. If people weren't doing things that they weren't supposed to do we (the honest true gamers) would still have bckward compatible ps3's with OtherOS capabilities.

Biggest2861d ago

So this guy xino thinks the right thing to do is promote the destruction of one of the best consoles ever made so that all parties involved are left with nothing. Sounds completely logical and not at all DUMB AS F**K! People like you deserve every bad thing that comes your way.

mrcash2861d ago

Sony knew the risks when they implemented the features. While many of us didn't buy the ps3 for its other os capabilities,web browser it was a still a great options to have.

jacobdevos2861d ago

I agree with you whole heartedly that i did -in fact- pay for otheros.

on the other hand i really doubt you used it..

I had installed yellowdog / ubuntu on my ps3 before and to be honest it had no gpu features, it was choppy and the cpu wasn't recognized by the os as anything but a single core / dual core cpu..

another reason i think otheros was great is it supported my interest in programming for cell. Which i was very interested in. But.. seeing how IBM stopped production of cell almost entirely there isn't much of a future for that either.

In Sony's defense they tried to make their platform as open as possible and frankly being able to boot to another OS opened too many doors for hackers to get in.. It's really hard to blame them after owning a dreamcast..

anyway, i respect sony's decision to drop otherOS but i do really resent that it happened

Oxymoron282861d ago

I can guarantee, many of those who brought a PS3 didn't even know about the "OtherOS" feature until they saw it when they first booted it up.

Xino, you strike me as ... well as an idiot to be honest.

You are aware that the OtherOS feature was implemented for use by companies/departments and what not such as the US Air Force? Because system linking multiple PS3's can create a rather cheap but powerful super computer...

djfullshred2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

You payed for a PS3 because of other OS?

Whatever floats your boat. I bought it to play games with. I played around with multiplie OS on PC hardware years ago. Loaded 3 or 4 OS on the hard drive even. A PC is much better for that kind of thing.

morganfell2860d ago

The only person being used is you xino. You have used every bubble here like a puppet to champion what this hacker is doing. You are fooled into thinking it is freedom when it is really simple theft. They show you something you think is cool in order to gain support for their real reason - piracy. And you dance to the tune they call, flopping at the end of their string. Dance, dance, dance.

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