Playstation Plus: Is It Worth the Money? – Weeks 12 and 13

DHGF: Although Sony said the PSN update (and thus the Playstation Plus update as well) would be a day early, falling on September 20th, it actually didn’t go up until well after midnight EST, meaning this was either the latest update yet, or incredibly early, depending on what way you want to look at it. Either way Playstation Plus subscribers have TWO reasons to rejoice even though Sony can’t seem to figure out how to do a timely regular update like Nintendo or Microsoft can. The first is that the update was a day early this go-around. The second is that for only the second time (Week 5 was the only other quality update.), PS+ has finally been a service that lives up to the original potential Sony promised it would have.

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dangert122922d ago

Playstation plus is worth the money
Yes you may have the games so it makes it less appealing to you or certain games don't tickle your fancy but you try get half as much as what you will get over the 12mnths for plus
without it then come back and tell me if its not worth it IMO the things that need fixing is the difference between stores i mean are US $$$$ More Relevant then my ££££ if not why is there such a huge difference in content? and our suprises in the eu were lame 2bf this month
2demo's GOW-GOS And pes 2011
and now we get a bowling move addon
oh there timing in the sevices is lame aswell

Christopher2922d ago

Seriously? Weekly updates on its value? Wake me when we get to weeks 50 and 100.


Nineball21122922d ago

LOL. I was thinking the same thing when I read the headline.

JoySticksFTW2922d ago

I downloaded like 9 things last night from demos to full games and only paid $3.00 total

The $3.00 was for that Cho Aniki import game after it was discounted.

Admittedly it's not for everyone. But if you like PSN games, PS1 classics, and free games -- it's worth it

BTW, Cho Aniki... Everything you heard is all true. But you still won't be prepared for what you see.

The first boss tries to beat you with "it".

"It" grows long and bends towards you as "it" tries to punch you. D:

xAlmostPro2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

if you are a frequent buyer on the PSN store, and were before PSN+ was released then you should probably dismiss it for awhile..unless new features are suddenly announced

this is for people who dont buy that often, and have never been big into psn games etc. like me for instance the only things ive purchased is DLC, if somebody like me was to buy PSN+ i'd probably be fulfilled every week so far..

my 2 cents

JoySticksFTW2922d ago

Every week I run into games that I already bought

But there's still enough to satisfy me... like free DLC add-ons and discounted games that I might not have tried before

But yeah, this week it was Zen Pinball that made me go "Gaaah! I love that game but already own it. And now it's free"

BulletProofVess2922d ago

i enjoy automatic updates which, include game patches
& i like supporting sony while receiving content such as qore
but then again its not for everyone
which is why its an option and thats its strongest point

xxxprettiboyxxx2922d ago

plus is a service that isnt for everyone
and unlike xbl it is not required to fully use your console

which is why I appreciate sony approach to a payed service better than xbl
sony doesn't force a service upon you just to get access to online multiplayer

dangert122922d ago

automatic updates been saved for plus members does mean that people can't fully use there console :P lol

cjflora2922d ago

Grammar fail on multiple levels. Which means I won't bother trying to explain why what you said makes no sense.

xxxprettiboyxxx2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

i don't think that means that cant fully use there console

since that plus exclusive feature just makes updates effortless

where if you don't have plus you'll still have full access to the updates

yet in comparison with xbox you if you don't have live you don't even have access to the netflix subscription your already paying for

LeonhartX2922d ago

it's a great service so far :)

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