Visceral wants to make Dead Space 3

Eurogamer: Dead Space 2 isn't out until January next year, but developer Visceral Games hopes it'll be successful enough for EA to sound the call for a third game in the action horror series.

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BulletProofVess2856d ago

that dead space 2 will receive the "out pouring support" from its fans that they need to green light a 3rd

im excited to get my hands on the exclusive limited edition on the ps3 with the remastered dead space extraction

mjolliffe2856d ago

You loved adding the fact you're grabbing the Limited Ed, right? ;)

Anyway, there's no doubt this game will see decently, though it has got some tough opposition surrounding it. There'll be a third. Inevitable, I say.

AntoineDcoolette2856d ago

Even greater is that Dead Space Extraction has its own trophies too!.... lol. Well I'm thrilled to get the chance to play Extraction, its one of the reasons I had been contemplating a Wii. Now with the rumored Murasama HD port all I'd need one for is Metroid other M

nycredude2856d ago

Just do it. I'll buy it. Deadspace 1 was a real pleasant surprise for me and I am confident 2 will be better. I hope 2 supports the move.

Christopher2856d ago

As long as the second game lives up to the first, unlikely we won't see a third. Just keep it to one every two years on the specific platforms and don't go with annual releases. No need to saturate the market with them as is oft to happen with certain IPs.

General Shrooms2856d ago

Wasn't a fan of the first one, I didn't find it scary or exciting. I was an overall boring experience for me, and because of that I'm not expecting too much from the second, let alone the third.

Jeff2572856d ago

Day One buy for me. Im also planning on buying the Graphic Novel that they made with the first game as well as the new GN and movie. I love the first game and Downfall on Blu Ray. One of the best new IPs this gen IMO.

Jinxstar2856d ago

"Visceral wants to make Dead Space 3"

And I want to play Dead Space 3. Can't wait for 2.

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