Halo: Reach is the 'best-selling Xbox exclusive in history'

Microsoft's director of entertainment and marketing, Stephen McGill said that the opening week sales of Halo: Reach were 'staggering.'

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Prcko2740d ago

great news for xbox people!!

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paintsville2738d ago

Here again people need to realize that 'Sales' are the life blood of the industry. No 'Sales' no games. Studios want to make money and make as much of it as they can, the whole reason for a profitable business to exist. Bigger 'Sales' more money. More money = more games. This isn't hard to understand.
This is a great release for 360. Good for them, good for Bungie, good for gamers.

Shubhankar2740d ago

It deserves all the success it is getting. It is the best Xbox 360 game I have ever played.

predator2740d ago

Great games deserve great sales

Shubhankar2740d ago

I agree. Probably the best shooter game I have ever played.

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monk3392740d ago

*knock knock*

-Who is there?


-Haxs who?

-nm mind, I got another name now and another account because I am a kid with no life.

Scenarist2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

NO he is probably an ADULT with no life

Moms basement much?

antz11042740d ago

@ Haxs: you obviously came here to hear yourself comment and you don't like Halo, so why don't you just GTFO before you don't have any bubbles left?

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niceguywii602740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

YEP So satisfying I only need to play on or two check points at a time then the games comes a calling after I put the controller down. I am surprised that a FPS can be such a thinking man's game. The AI is outstanding. You really get a feeling the space creatures are deadly and only Spartans hold a candle to them.

Yesterday I had one more Brute to kill before heading to the Huge gun defending the Pillar of Autumm. The Brute had the deadly gun that shoots green energy rounds that explode and I killed it by making my rounds ricochet off of the supply building.

IneedWeed2740d ago

Yeah this game requires the brain power of a pro Korean SC II player lol /s. Naw all kidding aside it's nice to know the AI is revamped up, Halo 3 annoyed me how ez the campaign was on Legendary, well not EZ, but not challenging enough. I always played Halo for it's multiplayer though. Of course this is MS best-selling exclusive, what other exclusive comes close, besides Halo?

Kleptic2740d ago

its still hard to tell...but Gears most likely came 'close' least considering sell through rate to 360 owner base at that time...

I am glad its Bungie still running away with it though...leave when they are on top, in the Seinfeld better way to do it than that...

Anon19742740d ago

I picked up my copy day one, but reading the article, where do they say 'best-selling Xbox exclusive in history'

Nobody said that in the article, and it isn't even true yet. Halo 3 is still the best selling Xbox exclusive. Halo Reach is a fantastic game, but do an article on that. Don't make crap up.

Shubhankar2740d ago

"The reception the game has received has been phenomenal. Halo: Reach has proved itself to be the biggest entertainment launch of 2010 and the best-selling Xbox exclusive in history."

That's the 4th paragraph. Please read the article more carefully.

butterfinger2740d ago

that they actually mean that the game is the fastest-selling XBOX exclusive, because we all know that it hasn't surpassed Halo 3's lifetime sales yet. That would be ridiculous.

Hands Up For Games2740d ago

Its good to see a great Game get some great sales.

Bungie put most other Devs to shame when it comes to giving value for money and I reckon ill be playing Reach for a long time yet :)!

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