TGV: Phantasy Star Portable 2 Review

With Phantasy Star Portable 2, Alfa System hopes to redeem Sega’s past mistakes, finally giving PSO-ites a reason to grind the night away. Let’s see if they’ve succeeded.

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borisfett2889d ago

Used to be a big fan of this franchise back in the day. It's a decent successor.

Sidology2889d ago

I dunno why, but I've never been very interested in the Phantasy Star series. Probably because of the grinding.

Solid review, though. If I ever find time (which is feeling less and less likely as I look at my catalogue of games), I might try this.

borisfett2889d ago

Indeed, the number of good titles coming up for the holidays alone is pretty insane.

AP2889d ago

Is good, but what I'm really pumped for now is the proper PSO 2 on PC.

VandimionX2889d ago

The fact that they announced PSO2 is awesome, but PSU has been just as good as getting a PSO sequel since the Ambition of the Illuminus expansion pack, it was basically a whole new game! Revised combat, drop rates, exp rates, bunch of new weapon models, items, everything.

It's a shame PSO fans put off by the clunky vanilla PSU didn't know what they were missing out on...

If you were a fan of PSO try PSP2, it's really good.

NexGen2889d ago

I agree. This game is quite good, and even better if you're a PS fan. This handheld psp2 has fully replaced my PSU subscription, and I fin it far more enjoyable than what I was previously playing. It is a decent meld between PSO and PSU. If that sounds interesting to you, it is worth looking into.

Arnon2889d ago

In comparison with PSO, PSU was a terrible game. However, I do find PSP and PSP2 to be much better titles than that... travesty on the consoles.

There was really nothing "Phantasy Star" about PSU, which is probably why they're releasing a Phantasy Star Online 2, which was was my game of the show by far, and it's only icing on the cake that it's PC only as of right now.

maruyuki2889d ago

this guy didnt play through the whole game