StarCraft II’s weakpoint: a mediocre story (spoiler-free)

PC Gamer: I’ve just finished StarCraft II’s single-player campaign. I know I’m late to that party, but between slogging my way through the game on Hard difficulty (earning all the achievements along the way) and the constant harassment over to quit playing the single-player and join in a multiplayer match, it took some time to complete.

Having now finished, it’s astonishing to me that, after so many years in development and so much masterful game design, the story of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is so pedestrian.

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Urmomlol2923d ago

I love how the writer of this article fails to mention that Wings of Liberty is only 1/3 rd of the story. But giving readers small details like that would be good journalism. Good lord we wouldn't want that, right?

jakethesnake2922d ago

I too found the story a bit... bland. Honestly, I was hoping for more of a 'fate of humanity' type storyline, rather than a Jim Raynor-centric storyline. It was good (better than mediocre), but not great. It just didn't have the epic feel it needed.

Sure, they tried with the Zeratul missions, but for me it was just too little to make much of a difference.

Don't get me wrong - I don't regret my purchase as I've sunk hours and hours into this game with no end in sight, but I just think it wasn't as great as people act. Then again, based on the way people act, I'm in the minority.