How Move is better than the Wii - CNN Review

CNN: In short, PS3 owners with Wii envy can now get aboard the motion-sensing bandwagon with pride, but don't be too optimistic about the first-generation game offerings.

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darkcharizard2920d ago

Exactly. The hardware may be new and impressive, but its the games that eventually matter.

8-bit2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The games are what matter and that is why I look forward to playing LBP2, MAG, SOCOM, Killzone 3 and so on with MOVE.

These family oriented games don't appeal to me as I don't have kids yet.

@below, How did I forget?!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

^^^^this.... and also Infamous 2, Heavy Rain, RE5, DS 2. Will buy as soon as I can.

Matthew942920d ago

i like my rtss with a mouse thankyouverymuch

i need precision not a wobbly hand and a sore wrist

davekaos2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Why are you even in here?
GTFO with your lame ass BS

Motorola2920d ago

@Matthew94 Aaaaand who asked you?

DMason2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The launch titles may be underwhelming, but Sports Champions is so much fun. I love table tennis, and the move peripheral coupled with that game is undeniably the most fun I've had with motion controls. It literally feels like Im playing ping pong.

The future looks bright, I dont care about the now. I like to buy new stuff when it comes out regardless of what it launches with.

acky12920d ago

Can noone give their opinion on why they prefer a certain control scheme for a valid reason without getting their head chopped off?

darthv722920d ago

It's quite easy to sum up. The quality of the games. HD games vs non HD games. First party support for both is unquestionably in Nintendo's favor considering EVERY game for Wii uses the wiimote in some way or another.

Sony knows they can't all of a sudden turn their back on the regular control crowd but then again, they can't let their new wand of wonder go unnoticed as well.

They will need to incorporate a better sense of quality control on those that want to have move support otherwise it would suck. I hate games with just tacked on motion support and the wii is riddled with them.

Create the need to use one and the masses will follow.

freezola752920d ago

Sorcery!!! That move game is looking incredible! Can't wait to play that..

Windex2919d ago

Fanboys will never accept that Move is better than wii....

they should stop embarrassing themselves

ChickeyCantor2919d ago

"@ matthew94
Why are you even in here?
GTFO with your lame ass BS"

Not sure why you are being so rude.
While Move and IR from the Wii-mote serve great as mouse alternative, its still not exactly the precision you need in RTS games.
Selecting a pack of troops in a bigger group, you don't really want your hand shaking then when you need to react fast.

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Montoya2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The hardware and software and on point. In fact I would say it`s launch line up was better than the 360s and just as good as PS3s. SC, Eyepet, STP and Tumble are all solid games. As was RFOM and MStorm on PS3 and Kameo on 360. So I`d say it has great launch games.

SexyPrawns2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Not in America. We were all playing Resistance for three months before another good game came out.

Kyur4ThePain2920d ago

Ah, the good old days. :)

Ares84PS32920d ago

I'm confident in that. Killzone 3 alone with move, 3D and HD graphics is better than anything the Wii has to offer I think.

Spydr072920d ago

SMG and Zelda...

I'd rather play either of those than KZ3. KZ is just not my style and Ninty definitely has some good games. It's the 3rd party crap that kills the Wii.

nycredude2919d ago

SMG and Zelda... zzzzzzzzz

Which one are we on now? I played those games back in the early 90s.

ChickeyCantor2919d ago

"SMG and Zelda... zzzzzzzzz

Which one are we on now? I played those games back in the early 90s."

That doesn't change shit that he likes these games.
Get your head out of your ass dude =/

midgard2292920d ago

cuz its next gen???? has less shovelware? prbly

gano2920d ago

i don't know about the wii, but it's much better then that box and kinect.
thats for damn sure

lolzers2920d ago

I have both. Therefore I win as I miss out on no game either technology has.

That's science kids.

8-bit2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

You are missing out on fanboyism. Your loss really. J/K

I own a wii and a PS3 with Move and I can honestly say that there is no comparison as far as the tech goes. Move is just so much more accurate than the wii mote. I am looking forward to a few wii games tho like the new Donkey Kong Country, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Epic Mickey and the new Zelda.

JackBNimble2920d ago

I bought it so my kids would could play some family friendly games. Funny thing is it gets very little use, all my kids want to play is the PS3.

It kind of ticks me off because if feel that I wasted my money.

DarkFantasy2920d ago

i own a wii and what i like about it is i got my ps3 for my hardcore games and i got my wii for games i can just sit back and relax and play and it dose have some hardcore games also and i gotta say i love the virtual console NES/SNES ect. and its great for when i get tired of playing shooters
all the fanboys talking shit about the wii almost made me not get one and I'm glad i did its a great little machine my family gos crazy over it i enjoy playing the games with them im so use to playing on my own so its nice,i do not regret buying it one bit.

Denethor_II2920d ago

"PS3 owners with Wii envy can now get aboard the motion-sensing bandwagon"

That almost sounds like passive aggressive stealth trolling.

lolzers2920d ago

God damn those passive aggressive stealth trollers! They're the bane of our society!

BABY-JEDI2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

they aren't those aggressively passive stealth trollers because they're the worst LoL ; )

Matthew942920d ago

god everywhere i look its more passive aggressive stealth trolls

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