F1 2010 is Codies’ biggest ever release

2m copies of licensed racer shipped in time for PS3 and Xbox 260 release this Friday.

UK publisher Codemasters has announced that this Friday’s release of the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of F1 2010 will be the largest in the company’s history.

2m copies of the game have been shipped to retailers in Europe and North America, and the game will also be available digitally on PC.

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FishCake9T42640d ago

I <3 Codemasters
I hope it sells well, looks to be a great game.

BubbleSystemSuck2639d ago

maybe Xbox 260 is the 360 but slimmer


lolzers2639d ago Show
BubbleSystemSuck2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

you dont read the article?
is just funny how make a mistake and they didnt fix it...
Xbox 360 is writed wrong!

jidery2639d ago

Stupid fanboy, the PS3 version looks the same


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PrimordialSoupBase2639d ago

Writed wrong? I hope you're shooting for irony there.

jay22640d ago

I've got this and Dead Rising 2 to enjoy this weekend.

r0gueZA2640d ago

Im a little worried about what all the reviews mean by "not quite sim, not quite arcade"

Hope its more sim!

S_C2640d ago

Day 1 For Sure For Me, I Hope It Sells Well And Codies Get The Rewards They Deserve For This Game

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