Diablo 3 Level Cap Announced

Diablo 3 Maximum Level announced today, why it’s 60 as in World of Warcraft? when the level cap in Diablo 2 was 99, its pretty big news so please continue to read and find out why...

We’ve been working with a level cap that’s quite a bit different. It was something I had alluded to a while back but I think it’s probably worth discussing sooner rather than later.

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Brugs2769d ago

This is actually very hot news, i'm wondering how this new system actually gonna work, will it be kewl, many question rises.

jakethesnake2769d ago

FYI: What a terrible website... everytime you click on the page it brings up a window to preorder DIII from amazon. Just awful.

Brugs2769d ago

I think its a bug, not coming up here.

lolzers2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

No, he's right, same thing happened here.

EDIT:It's not every time I click on the page, but it does happen. Usually Firefox is pretty good but the odd one slips through the net.

Fadetoblack692769d ago

It's level capped at 60 because they're already planning +10 lv xpacks to sell - Welcome to the world of Kotick.

The Lazy One2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Activision doesn't control Blizzard. Blizzard actually has a much higher income than Activision iirc. Being partners does not mean Activision can directly control Blizzard.

edit: but I wouldn't be surprised if they sold expansion packs with level increases. Just saying that Activision doesn't run blizzard.

bakasora2768d ago

And it will take 3 expansion to reach lvl 99. Lol

R_aVe_N2769d ago

Its pretty simple if you want to go past 60 you have to buy the next expansion....

Nihilism2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

60 might sound good to some, but considering that you can port your character overto multiple difficulty levels I think the cap should be 100 or no cap at all. The fact that they chose the number 60 to me says that as was said above...they plan on milking it with 4 expansions and/or DLC.


I don't actually have a problem with expansions, we all knew they were coming, but purposely making the level cap low so they can co-erce you to get them is just a low blow for everyone, I can't say i'm suprised.

The disappointment of SC2 was massive for me, I hope D3 is better because for me it is the better franchise.

Pennywise2769d ago

Expansions is the firs thing that crossed my mind. Diablo with out 99 levels? LAME><

nanometric2769d ago


Always wanted to give you bubbles for the Bill Hicks avatar bubs+

The Lazy One2769d ago

Levels are kind of trivial.

I mean, they make it 100, and then they'll just use the 100 level cap to get you to get a new expansion pack. No level cap? well they'll just add items more powerful than anything before to the expansions. Either way they'll use something that makes you have to get the expansion pack.

They probably chose 60 just because they have so much experience with distributing items and experiences on a 1-60 scale so they could easily translate their WoW experience to benefit D3.

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The story is too old to be commented.