Rumour: Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia HD Collections likely to release

GamerZines writes:

It would seem that the Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia Trilogy Collections that retailer Zavvi recently listed for release on PlayStation 3 may indeed be in the works.

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Narutone662735d ago

since Ubisoft is third-party developer. Maximize profit for the company.

sikbeta2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

inb4 teh backwardz compatibilitiez

Bring it on!!!

Remastered Games FTW!!!

Akagi2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )


Those who argue that backwards compatibility is better are pretty stupid, IMO.

1. Backwards compatibility doesn't always hold a consistent framerate
2. It suffers from screentearing a lot (I've noticed this on my 60gb PS3).
4. Not all games are supported (on 360, anyway).
3. These HD remakes are awesome because, well, they're HD. Not to mention Trophy support (achievement support?), Move support, 3D support, hell, even Developer support with patches, etc. Also, Sony is gonna make a lot of profit with these remakes because the IPs are sitting doing nothing, in fact probably costing Sony money with the copyrights. So this profit could potentially fund new games and sequels.

vickers5002735d ago

"Not all games are supported"

And not all games are going to be remastered. I have BC already in my ps3, so I personally don't have to worry about it, but others should be able to play ps2 games.

I personally prefer the remastered/trophy versions, but they're not going to do that with all ps2 games, or even all of the good selling ones. That's why they should have both backwards compatibility AND remastered classics.

Montrealien2735d ago

its not a question of it being better or not. It is about convenience. I own Ico and Shadow of the colossus, I own all the god of wars, I own, all the sly coopers, all original. I own all the FF1-9 originals, I own Parasite eve original. It is a little frustrating, that as a collector, I got to buy games twice. I get a kick out of playing my original games on my 32" CRT, and I find it insulting that you would consider this stupid. Its very subjective, and quality has nothing to do with this kind of experience.

With that said, I so like the idea of remastered versions, I own the god of war collection, I will own the Sly cooper and Team Ico collections, and yes, Prince of Persia HD is coming, I have had the discussion with one of the Ubi people that shops at my store. I said as a joke that prince of Persia sands of time series in HD would be a great idea and he laughed and said sarcastically, I have no comment on the subject, I didn't think of the splinter cells though.

xavier-tooth2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )


it's called CHOICE. you don't have to rebuy it. these HD remakes are targeted not for you (it's your option though) to those people who haven't owned and played these games. I for one don't have the collections you mentioned in your post.

Will i buy these games? probably. since it has added features and may come cheaper.

Biggest2735d ago

That is a pretty weak complaint, Montrealien. If people cared about backward compatability they would have bought a PS3 with backward compatability. If they have the games that are being remastered they shouldn't care about the remastered versions. I'm not sure where the problem comes in.

Akagi2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

@Monterealien--Well, It's all a matter of choice. No one is forcing you to buy anything. If you're content with playing the games you've bought once already then, well, enjoy them.

nickjkl2735d ago

back wards compatability is trash i would rather they give me a collection remastered into HD with more than one game on the disc

Montrealien2735d ago Show
SilentNegotiator2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Good news. The old Splinter Cell games were miles ahead of the latest ones.
Same with the PoP games.

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dangert122735d ago

I will get them both and this has just made me realise wtf has happend to Ubisoft this gen man ?
there games last gen were way better IMO

Montrealien2735d ago

Well, that is not fair, they launched a very successful new IP in Assasin`s creed, Rainbow Six Vegas and GRAW are great shooters, they expanded the Tom Clansy universe with a Solid flight sim with HAWX and there Naruto games where great. And with scott pilgrim and the new Rayman 2D platformer they are clearly going in the right direction.

nothing really happened to them, they still deliver great products.

dangert122735d ago

I liked GRAW 2 & Conviction but i prefer the stuff from last gen

Biggest2735d ago

There are just a lot more completely ridiculous ideas being shown from them lately. In general they've done well this gen.

Brklynty12735d ago

Warrior Within in its HD/Trophy Glory!!!!

Blacktric2735d ago

Splinter Cell Collection is definitely day 1 for me if they release it. Might buy Prince Of Persia Collection later.

raztad2735d ago

This actually doesnt excite me that much. Both series are on PC for a bargain price and run well on dated hardware, dont see why I should spend more money on them.

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Ether2735d ago

A Prince of Persia trilogy would be excellent. Sands of Time in particular was so good.

kanetheking2735d ago

which is good cos well no one played every the god of war collection getting the sly and ico one to.i buy the splinter cell one just to try it not pop did not really like it

Stealth20k2735d ago

Prince of persia was multiplatform you know

Cueil2735d ago

it better not be the crappy PS2 Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory...

zak94ma2735d ago

that would be cool , i like to see it real .

redDevil872735d ago

Those two collections would be nice additions. The way the Splinter Cell series should be and some quality platforming with the POP collection.

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