Sony charging for PlayTV update

New features coming to Sony’s digital TV service will not be free.

The next update to Sony’s PS3 digital TV peripheral PlayTV will be a premium download from PSN and not a free firmware upgrade.

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sinncross2923d ago

Its being offered as paid item because this content is part of PlayTv 2.

You could argue that the data is compatible with the first anyways which is a fair point. But consider that it cost the dev team time, captivate and resources to programme these new features.

They deserve some capital investment from it.

The Lazy One2923d ago

did it not cost the dev team time and resources for the original features?

"They deserve some capital investment from it."

Capital is not revenue.

gta_manic2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Go to a optometrists

darkdoom30002923d ago

Is this the playTV2? software update?

saves me having to pay another 150.

writersblock2923d ago

So I dont know the features it offers, or how much the update will cost vs features you get

But you shouldnt make people pay twice for a product. Even if its only a few dollars, if people expect free updates from the start it should stay that way

I mean, you're doing it with PSN so why switch up policies?

tiamat52923d ago

Yes. As soon as Sony says the word pay, the haters appear. But as soon as Microsoft says it they say 'it's not that bad' with big smiles on your face, bent over to take another screw up the tail pipe.

solar2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

i am not a hater of either company, but if i did have a 360 i wouldnt pay to play games online and i will never pay for PSN+ on my PS3.

but charging people to update is effing lame. for any product. 2 of my mates have to pay for new maps for their GPS's! and to actually pay for...will just spark more paid BS we as consumers should be getting for FREE for buying their product.

k2d2923d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is an update offering additonal features, not patches? Where's the fault in charging for that?

solar2923d ago

updates add additional features. see: PS3 firmware updates as an example. as a consumer who buys a product, then suddenly "hey look!! we got all these new things that shouldve been in the final product we sold you but now you have to pay extra for!!!" is crap. CRAP.

testerg352923d ago

What haters? You sure get so defensive. Last I checked the news about MS increasing Live cost, there was a lot of complaints from 360 fans and of course tons of PS3 fans posting crap. You always act like you're some saint...

The Lazy One2923d ago

bubbles to you.

I don't think anybody after the live price increase said "that's not bad."

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The story is too old to be commented.