D+PAD Magazine - Halo: Reach Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

Space marines, dropships, laser swords and vicious alien species have always featured heavily in the sci-fi genre. Thanks to the stellar work at development studio Bungie, these things are now synonymous with quality gaming and high-octane, multiplayer thrills. The saga may have concluded with Halo 3, but the fight is far from over with Halo: Reach – a prequel to the Xbox original – in which a crack team of super soldiers must go toe-to-toe with humanity’s most fearsome foes. It may be Bungie’s last hurrah for the series, but this is Halo in its purest form, and while the stalwart fans aiming to take another shot at the Covenant are in for a treat, those yet to be enamoured with this alien-blasting franchise will once again be left scratching their heads over all the attention it garners.

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