BioShock Infinite preview -

BeefJack: "The action, once again, seems to be tightened and expanded. But it’s Columbia I’m most looking forward to about BioShock Infinite. Not only because it’s a fresh setting, and no only because it’s visually stunning (which it is), but because it seems to represent what I always wanted from a BioShock sequel: the chance to explore a city that’s collapsing, rather than one that’s already collapsed."

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hankmoody2921d ago

Agreed with you 100%. This trailer has made a believer out of me.

OSU_Gamer2921d ago

Now we have to wait for 2012...Although a good preview, now we have to wait for a long ass time.

EvilBlackCat2921d ago

this game its going to kick ass


Just watched the gameplay trailer, and it looks insane!
I thought it would turn out to be a crappy spin off but the new setting looks just as mysterious and unique as Rapture.
And the actual gameplay? Just WOW!

2921d ago