Top Five Sonic The Hedgehog Mistakes (RunDLC)

From 1991 to 1994, Sonic the Hedgehog was untouchable. Every game that Sega released received high scores and became best sellers. He was so dominant that it wasn’t hard to believe that the blue blur would eventually topple Nintendo’s Mario as the most popular video game mascot.

Then, after the award-winning Sonic & Knuckles, Sega officially lost its mind. The publisher, clearly under the impression that its franchise hero needed to evolve, cast him in a series of average to downright awful games. In addition, it committed unforgettable sins by releasing weird spin-offs that only served to mar a formerly pristine franchise.

On that note, here are the worst decisions in Sonic the Hedgehog’s troubled history.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Chuk52854d ago

Everything after Sonic adventure 2 on consoles.( Minus portable games)

Buff10442854d ago

Sonic Adventure 2 was pretty cool...perhaps Sonic Colors will be good.

Eamon2853d ago

Sonic Colours doesn't looks that amazing to me.

While it's trying to be the "daylight levels of Sonic Unleashed" I think it's still not that great.

fuckitimout2853d ago

give us a long story-filled sidescrolling campaign. Add rpg elements like leveling, ability to earn and upgrade attacks, hidden items and a great but controllable sense of speed. Upgrade the 2d graphics from sonic and knuckles. If you're going to do 3d on a 2d plane please do it right

fuckitimout2853d ago

reread. I said rpg ELEMENTS which many games have these. Mw2, bbc2, madden, god of war.... To top that off, I gave a list of what I meant. No problem tho man, but give what I said a chance without presumptions

Eamon2853d ago

oh I see now. My bad. It's just that there was a Sonic RPG and it really sucked.

AntoineDcoolette2853d ago

What? No Werehog? Couldn't they replace gun wielding Shadow with the werehog? At least Shadow looks funny (in a good way) with a gun : /

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TheDCD2854d ago

Sonic's relationship with a human girl was a huge mistake. Beastiality?

Buff10442854d ago

Yeah that was awful...Sega is nuts. Perhaps it is a good thing that they returned to basics with Sonic 4

Solid_Snakeps32853d ago

lol who would want to have sexx with a hedgehog?

Quagmire2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

#6: Not bringing Sonic Colours to PSN

If wii can do it, then why cant move?

bujasem_892853d ago

sonic adventure 1 , but goddamn it sonic adventure 2 was the best sonic game EVER IMO so i want that on PSN please

2853d ago
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