Kotick: Sony, MS, EA will 'struggle' to challenge us in future

Activision boss Bobby Kotick has claimed that traditional console companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo face a "struggle" to "figure out" an online future - one which the US publisher has already cracked.

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dangert122884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

So i checked upcoming activision games it went something like this


But nah on a serious level people are alreay bored of activision games

Venatus-Deus2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

It again seems like he’s talking about Blizzard and applying the MMO business model to other areas of the company.

It’s not very clear because it’s corporate waffle for a conference. His words are showing you everything, but there telling you nothing.

Pay as you go CoD?

He can f**k off

ConanOBrien2884d ago

wanted to create a new console, maybe

sikbeta2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

STFU Kod!ck!!!!

What you're doing it's called collateral damage and it'll get worst over the time, while you rely so much on your every year games, other "new" games from Activision suffer from this sh!t, Blur is a primary example of that and over the time, people will get tired of COD and the other crap that comes out every year, If not already, I assure you, in the future, pretty much Blizzard games will be the only thing backing you...

PSFan1002884d ago

I think this guy is mental too. He thinks Activision have "cracked online" but sony/microsoft haven't?!

Last time i checked, Activision were the ones using PSN and Xbox live for people to play and buy extra content. If Sony or Microsoft decided they don't want Activision games on their machines, Activision are the one who are going to be in trouble not the other way around.

barom2884d ago

I'm starting to dislike I mean alright so we all hate Kotick but this just seems like throwing some oil on the fire just to get some clicks. I mean the headline is a BIG exaggeration of what he actually said. I would recommend people read Kotick's statement before making any abrupt judgment.

I mean I did not feel he said anything that is out of the ordinary for an exec guy. This is just CVG taking a couple of words out of his mouth, twisting them and then put them in again.

ExplosionSauce2884d ago

CVG tends to do that along with other bs every now and then.

evrfighter2884d ago

well one things for sure.

most of you jacktards will be buying blackops. I'm happy to report I never bought mw2.

you guys are doing it to yourselves.

bviperz2884d ago

I mentioned it a while back. He's probably going to go the subscription route with CoD. That will be a negative ghost rider for me.

RockmanII72884d ago

So Activision is buying Nintendo?

moparful992883d ago

Ok straight up I'm tired of kotic and his arrogant attitude.. He is always turning his nose up to everyone that he owes his current status too.. I'm done.. Im not buying black ops and I refuse to buy anything with the words activision or blizzard on it.. I am going to start a petition on facebook I invite everyone to like it and get awareness out about this prick... It ends now!

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spacetattoo2884d ago

Stop buying his games. I won't own bungie's games anymore either. funk him.
this guy is the biggest douche bag around but hey lets go buy more games.

TEFL0N_D0N_812884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

This guy needs to have his organs involuntarily donated after we force him to masturbate for 48 hours straight with a piece of 120 grit sand paper.

Sorry for the graphic verbiage, but just even a photo of this yuppie can escalate my rage.

anh_duong2884d ago

that sounds pretty painful.. makes my eyes water just reading that bit about the sandpaper

Panthers2884d ago

I like Bungie and Blizzard too much to not get their games, but this guy does piss me off, and there are no Activision games I like so I can stay away from them.

pustulio2884d ago


I LOVE Bungie, i really do. I like how they treat their community.

But because of this douchebag i won't buy CoD:Bo neither Bungie new game.

I got tired of Guitar shit/Tony hawk a long ago.

nanometric2884d ago

Sorry, but the world has 1 smart person for every 1000 idiots.

IaMs122884d ago

Bungie is not owned by them, i believe blizzard is though. Bungie though made a deal for them to publish a game, so Bungie is still free to do other things at their discretion. Unfortunately they have a hold of Blizzard and if they let Blizzard to their thing, they will get the best profit they can get out of Blizzard. Soon as they step in Bye bye im not buying it.

They better not screw with Diablo III oh Kotick, you better not. Listen to your "Fans"


No one would want his organs even if they where on death bed.

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movements2884d ago

It's official: Kotick's gone mad, call the ambulansa!

Catharsis2884d ago

'gone' mad? He's always been like this and rolling out rubbish.

FOXDIE2884d ago



Eiffel2884d ago

Would it have a swipe reader attachment? lmao.

tinybigman2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Get back to me when your titles reach the quality of Sony 1st & 2nd party titles, also some of EA titles too you GD douche bag.

Also why in the hell would I pay you company to play online? Id just find another game to play that's free.

Brklynty12884d ago

Nobody is scared of Activision lol what do they got CoD? what else? LMFAO!!!!! Sony has 21 1st party studios that pumps out the best exclusives, MS dominates Online, Nintendos army is the casuals, and EA been on a role with the multiplats O yea Activision is gonna take over.

BillOreilly2884d ago

I hate this douch but they publish starcraft 2/blizzard, cod, bungie, all very talented studios/great games.(horrible publisher)They have some big guns though.

8thnightvolley2884d ago

this guy kotick.... man i hate the guy... as he sees COD and bungie he feels he rules the world now... man i am pissed... i am so renting all their games from now on.. no buy what so ever... if u need to pay something eat dirt

KiLLUMiNATi_892884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Man this guy needs to get smack. He must be on drugs or something. He's literary losing he's mind.

Christopher2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Hey, Bobby, take Blizzard out of the equation and try saying the same thing. No clue why Blizzard ever joined Activision, just doesn't make sense.

Also, EA technically is beating you and they're not relying on Blizzard and CoD.

PshycoNinja2884d ago

"what can I say today that will piss off every gamer and at the same time talk smak about every company in the video game industry?
...... I got it!"

AKS2884d ago

He won't be getting any of my money. I'm done with Activision entirely.

MagicAccent2884d ago

Does he sound like Emperor Palpatine, or what?

N4g_null2884d ago

So where's the next 3do? Big talk no walk huh?

MastaMold2883d ago

Thats why I stop supporting Activision over more than a year ago cause of this f u cker & they also have games that I dont like

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Im going to get a bunch of disagrees, but this guy reminds me of a kyle.

Must be Kyle's dad or something.

Edited as someone who am i not going to name (shanks), NO I AM NOT (shanks), I WILL NOT(shanks) was going to report my comment.

Respect my authoritaaah!

Nihilism2884d ago

Hey shanks, they call Jews greedy for a reason, they take things that aren't theirs, including the Gaza strip.

People think the Taliban are terrorists..I think Jews + the Zionist movement are far more f-ed up.

Have a pleasant day.

yewles12884d ago

Ah, so dchalfont sheds his Pixel Nazi persona to expose his true Nuremburg Nazi ID. 'Classy' begets 'classy'.

Nihilism2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago ) anyone who is not pro crimes against humanity and in support of the U.N/U.S backed Israeli terrorism against Palestine is a Nazi realise that Germany is but one country out of over 200.

I will be glad when Israel is called to account for what they have done.

turok2884d ago

are u gonna show up in the next chapter of one piece?

Microsoft_Spokesman2884d ago

I hate Israel
I'm not anti-semitic.

BigPenguin2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Here is what I don't get. Are Jews a Race or Religion. They say they have a claim to Israel because the Jewish people were forced out. However the original resettlement in the 1940s were the holocaust survivors, most of which had little to no ties to the Jews that were kicked out. It had been thousands of years.

They kicked out the people who had been living there for generations, with the backing of the US and UK(only 14% of the displaced population remained in the newly created Israel by the 1950's, with the percentage continuing to drop). They essentially did to the people living there the same thing they use as a reason for being allowed to just take it back.

The newly created Israel, along with the 62.5 billion(modern day) a year that the US alone gives it(equal to our aid to ALL of Africa), continued to expand it borders, taking even more land from Palestine, directly against the agreements drawn up. Yet no one says a word.

They then say they are just for attacking(slaughtering with far superior technology) Palestine, because Palestine attacked first. Despite the fact that none of the attacks were sanctioned by the Palestinian government(modern day, the war ended in 1948), and were carried out by the rightly pissed of Palestinian refuges(made refuges by, OMG, Israel)

They say they are a sovereign nation, yet would completely collapse without the backing of other nations(namely the money given by the US).

Snakefist302883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Tats y I hate Jews they are very GREEDY.They Take Things that arent theres.Kotick is a DICK!!

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Cloudberry2884d ago

Then comes this guy again... : /

Essel2884d ago

He's competitive. He doesn't want to be overtaken in the race for the Most Insane Award.

Harelgur2884d ago

lets just boycott their games. ive had enough COD anyways..
whos with me

Kurt Russell2884d ago

Been there since early this year ;)

Chris3992884d ago

And not one console game this gen. I borrowed one of the earlier Spider Man games (which was sh!t).

Nothing against Blizzard - great developers, but I won't be playing Cataclysm either. Partially on account of their association with Activision (and their inability to give more customization options to characters or an engine update despite being the most successful MMO on the Western market).

BYE2884d ago

*Yawn* Every year the same, people talk about boycotting COD. It's getting old.

You guys are gonna buy it anyway. And next year, too!

I haven't bought a single Activision game besides COD4 btw.

Pug2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Yeah same here, COD4 was the last AssVision game I bought. Recycled shovelware has been there stock and trade for a good couple of years now.

mastiffchild2884d ago

And how does you7r comment help ceekay? I don't buy Activision's games either but wouldn't dream of pouring scorn on someone else saying they didn't either!

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