Top 20 PS3 Games for 20 Quid or less

Max Eunson from Coregamer: It's that time of year again where students are living out the end of their summer before it's back to the grindstone and Ramen Noodles for sustenance. It's been a while since that was me, but I remember it well, I did my best to choose between new games and decent food and I'm sure there are a few others out there reading this agreeing with me when I say that sometimes a game would just last longer but when I couldn't afford to get the games I needed I harassed my parents till they gave in. Nowadays that doesn't work for me and sadly I have to work for my games, but in a credit crunch how easy is it to build up a collection? Not Very... So whether you are a hobo student, a parent who wants to get games but not spend a fortune every time or even if you just like a bargain - Hit the break to take a look at my top 20 games that cost £20 or less...

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