Child Of Eden On 3DS? Don’t Make Me Laugh

The producer of Ubisoft’s trippy techno adventure is asked about a 3DS port, laughs at a joke that no one else gets.

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Galaxia2884d ago

Don't you get it? The joke is the 3DS.

The writer of this article is a twit, he dismisses a Wii port, saying it is pitiful with its 480p resolution, but then askes for a 3DS port and claims it will rival the 360's power. The 3DS doesn't even look as powerful as a PS2 from the screenshots. And don't even mention the controls for handeld games and how uncomfortable they are to hold for long periods.

R2D22884d ago

Fanboys that live in the pass are the worst - get over it and take Nintendo for what they are now "CASUAL VILL"

stragomccloud2883d ago

Wow. How old are you? You've got be young little tyke if you actually believe that. If you're an older gamer, you know that's bull.