Arkham City OPM info blow-out: plot, setting, moves, vehicles, co-op, more

UK OPM’s Batman issue has dropped a metric fuck-load of new Arkham City info in its cover feature, which is full of both the game’s recently leaked screens and never-before-seen character art.

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sinncross2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Oh My Word Oh Wow!

I do hope co-op can be done offline

Chaostar2641d ago

That sounds awesome, I was afraid of a weak sequel but it sounds like they're really uping the gameplay. Also cat woman might as well have been confirmed as a playable character WHOOPAH!

cygnuszero2640d ago

Well playable in coop, sounds like if you dont have a friend to play with you arent playing as her. We'll see though.

jay22641d ago

Oh yeah! bring it on

antz11042640d ago

NICE!!! This game is shaping up to be twice as badass as the first. Two ziplines sounds awesome.

cygnuszero2640d ago

Sounds great, I just wish all this info wouldnt leak a year before the game is released. I hate how they announce games so early, and then all this info leaks, and we still have a solid year before it comes out. Kind of annoying.

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The story is too old to be commented.