The Simpsons Boxart Revealed

Here are the boxarts for the PS3, PS2 and PSP for The Simpsons game.

Hit the jump for more info.

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THC CELL4138d ago

hope the game is better than the film.

Crazyglues4138d ago

even if they called people dumb for paying to see something in the theater that they could have watched for free on FOX TV... LoL... Doh!

RadientFlux4138d ago

I like how each platform cover is just a tad different I wonder what the x360 cover will look like.

[email protected]4138d ago

Hmmm... I probably made up my mind and pick up the game cuz I'm a Simpson fan but since the game it's made-up by EA (The most lazy and the most hate Dev ever!) I don't get my hope up. My reasons... maybe each Sony counterpart run out over frame rate problems and stuff like that. So probably the review help me out on this one.