How Will You Customize Your Homes In Fable 3?

After Fable 2, users gave their feedback on how they felt Lionhead Studios could improve the house customization. Well, Lionhead listened to a lot of those ideas and gives us a deeper and richer house customization in Fable 3. Some might also be pleased to know that with the house ownership and customization comes achievements!

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Rowland2740d ago

I'd add Donald Duck & Micky Mouse and have 'My Little Pony' tethered outside. They'd fit this cartoony & goofy world perfectly !

xDSJxPyro2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

If I wanted this kind of shit in a game, I would would go play Sims 3. I get what they are trying to do, I just hope they did not spend a load of time making this "feature." If they wasted time on this instead of making the story and game play better, I will be pissed at Peter.

LeeRoyJenkins2740d ago

With the pelts of 100's of Sony fanboy. I'll also include jars of their tears.

Convas2740d ago

I've wanted this kind of thing in a game for a LONG ASS TIME!! Sweet Jebus, who would've thought it'd be in Fable 3, that just up it's must-purchase factor by like 50%!

LordGamer2740d ago

Since this is probably going to be another title that will require a HDD... Sorry I am not going to be buying another device/hardware from microsoft.

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