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IncGamers writes:

Activision’s COO has confirmed the publisher is looking to increase revenue making opportunities with the Call of Duty franchise by giving gamers ‘more choice.’

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dangert122888d ago

sounds like there taking a leap out of sony's book

COD+? ;) LOL

highlander1232888d ago

not sure i like where this is going. everything seems to cost more nowadays - ea have some stupid stuff to buy in their games, especially for fifa and madden.

why cant i just pay my money for the game and play the whole thing?

dangert122888d ago

This is true thats why i still love the wii

it still has cheat codes and real unlocks
unlike the ps3/xbox/pc

highlander1232888d ago

i want cheat codes back. good times

jeseth2888d ago

MW2 really turned me off to COD. The game has turned into an FPS in which no one uses RIFLES! GL's, RPG's, Shotguns, Akimbo + Marathon + Lightweight, etc. etc.

MW2 has become more annoying than anything else. If they charge for online there is no way I'm buying Black Ops. I'll Gamefly it for the single player campaign and be done.

Medal of Honor is looking better and better. Maybe its time to say goodbye to COD.

dredgewalker2888d ago

I'm quite tired of Activision. They pay more attention to DLC's for their games than patches to major bugs and glitches. I also find their servers too laggy!

TEFL0N_D0N_812888d ago

"looking to increase revenue making opportunities with the Call of Duty franchise by giving gamers ‘more choice'."

More choice huh? Then it's quite simple. I choose NOT to buy any Activision related products, DLCs, etc.

On a final note, there's a common saying that even the ugliest person in the world isn't bad to look at as long as they smile. Bobby Kotick is the single exception to this rule. Regardless of his pedophile smile, he's one ugly SOB.

JohnR2888d ago

lets hope they dont plan on including game 'boosters' that give an advantage to people who plan on paying extra

frelyler2888d ago

They will, this way it'll force anyone who wants to enjoy the experience to give Activision more of their money. The only activision game I have bought this gen was MW and that is it. After the crap that was MW2 I gave up on them, good game, but it should have only cost $30 based on the online play only, basically, I fail to see how a 5 hour campaign counts as a single player experience.

Techlology2888d ago

Hell, imagine if you had to *buy* prestige and extra ranks...

the-thing-that-is2888d ago

people already buy prestige. i'm always getting messages from anooying little kids asking if i want to buy prestige for 1200ms points

bunfighterii2888d ago

How do they sell it to you? Isn't a username connected to a live account or whatever?

Techlology2888d ago


Now I've officially heard everything.

And if this WASN'T a scam and people actually WENT for it instead of noob tubing and quick scoping their way through another 70 ranks...

the-thing-that-is2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

dunno how they actually do it, never tajen up the offer. i think maybe they either hack the game over live (like you see those people with the bizarre gamertags with the xbox buttons) or they sell you the login info to their actual gamertag.

might be an interesting experiment to find out...

bunfighterii2888d ago

Yeah, as long as you basically can't buy 'cheats' or 'boosts' that others who choose not to pay extra don't get, then I don't have a problem. If its things like maps and cosmetic mods then I say let them go for it.

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