5 Shooters To Change Kudo Tsunoda's Mind About PC Gaming

GamerZines writes:

According to Microsoft poster child and Kinect big-wig Kudo Tsunoda; "hardly anyone plays first person shooters on the PC anymore."

Well, it appears as though 'Mr Sunglasses' needs some education on just how wrong he is and we are more than happy to deliver. What follows are five games which would definitely reshape Mr Tsunoda's opinion, as long as he can stop flailing his arms around long enough to sit down and get his hands on a mouse and keyboard.

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CombatEvolving2923d ago

People sure are upset over a single comment by one idiot. Calm down everybody.

danmachine2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

just let him believe what he wants to believe in his own little fantasy world, while us adults enjoy playing games.

Parapraxis2923d ago

Wow, that is almost EXACTLY what I was going to say. ;)

Let him make a fool of himself as he wallows in his ignorance.

Baka-akaB2923d ago

Seriously , who decided he was important ?

CombatEvolving2923d ago

Gamers did when they decided to take him seriously and create huge shitstorms like this one every time he says something stupid. The more people complain the bigger he'll get.

Xwow20082923d ago

care for what kudo tsunado said.

Parapraxis2923d ago

Because he is actually getting publicity and as sad as it may be, there are people out there who might believe him.

TheGameFoxJTV2922d ago

I had no idea who he was until this. LMAO

Megaton2923d ago

Don't feed the Microtroll. It's obviously not even remotely true. He's just following the script, same as Greenberg.

plb2923d ago

You cannot really change peoples minds who act like this. I've come across far to many people who insist what they say is always right. BTW, why does this guy always wear sunglasses. I've seen him in nearly complete darkness and always with sunglasses.

Games4M - Rob2923d ago

some people say he has some kind of weird eye disease but ive seen picture of him without the glasses and he looks fine. I think he just wears them to look cool not realising the 80's finished about 20 years ago.

R2D22923d ago

Who gives a sh!t what any one else things - gamer who actully care about what he says makes me a shame to be a gamer.

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