Move’s first six days: what do you think?

Play-mag: "Gauging opinion is always fun, especially when it comes to new hardware. Move is out there and has been out for nearly a week in the UK. So what do you think of it all?"

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Kain812805d ago

I saved money for the MOVE, but i could not buy it first day, cause some unexpected bills came in house...i must wait a little bit longer for Move...
but i will buy it...

i heard only positive reviews and even some guys, that were against motion controllers love Move...

this is a MUST HAVE, at least for me, cause iam really bad with FPS with normal Controllers, and with Move its like you have a Mouse...

TotalPS3Fanboy2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

but the $85 Gamestop Move Bundle deal is just too compelling.

For the price of $85 only, you get a full game, a Move controller, and a Playstation Eye.

metsgaming2805d ago

is that for all gamestops, i cant find that deal.

GuruStarr782805d ago

I got the two Move controllers for 80 and a Navi controller from them online......

I never buy from gamestop online, but I had a 30 dollar gift card from my bank......

Gamestop online sucks if you don't have any giftcards or discounts, because they get you on the tax and the Shipping and handling.....

I'll stick with Amazon from now on.

callahan092805d ago

Sports Champions - Bocce alone was worth it for me. This game is great alone, great for parties, great in every situation.

JoeReno2805d ago

And i love it, but bocce was the sleeper hit of the game for me. Ive really having fun with this game, and im not a sports fan at all.

Dir_en_grey2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

$5 off coupon at Toys R Us for Sports Champions, got a $10 gift card from that. Used it on a Move controller w/ a 20% off coupon (9/18-19 only) for TRU reward zone members to bring the controller down to basically $20 off the controller and $5 off the game. Got another controller from already existing Amazon credits.

Right now the best deal still existing is K-mart's since they give u a $10 off gift card on Move games and Controllers, and $25 gift card for the Move bundle.

Dunno about other games but Sports Champions is amazing w/ 2 controllers. With out deals maybe the price of getting everything is expensive, but if anybody see a deal within their price range don't hesitate on buying the full 2 controller setup. The experience of accurate motion control is just amazing.

badz1492805d ago

and I was just going to my local game store to trade-in some games and buy a new 1 - nothing in particular. and there it was, the store guy was playing with the MOVE and when i asked him, he said it's just launched that day! I tried a bit of it and with the store credit I got from the trade-ins, I got back home with the MOVE bundle! I didn't even plan to buy MOVE on 1st day but I just did and having a blast with it since then with table tennis as my favorite! my brothers and sisters also love it and now I already thinking about getting the 2nd MOVE. the store here didn't have the stand alone MOVE so I think I'll need to wait a bit for it but I have time to test the MOVE with tons of demos available for it!

Time Crisis works great but I do have problem playing RE5 with MOVE+DS3! it's not about the shooting because it shines in that department but maybe due to being new to MOVE, I have problem moving around plus, the tank-like nature of Christ and the fact that you can't walk/run while shooting in RE5 certainly doesn't help either. but maybe that's just me because I don't play any RE games to begin with because I hate the control.

but so far, MOVE is GREAT! and I highly recommend it!

callahan092805d ago

Time Crisis is out? I thought it was October?

badz1492805d ago

and I think you can download it on PSN but I'm not so sure about that.

callahan092804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Oh, OK, thanks for the info. Seems unfair that they haven't put all of the demos from that disc onto PSN yet. I already owned the PSeye so I obviously wasn't going to buy the starter bundle, I just bought a standalone Move controller. But I still think I should be able to try out the Move demos. Kinda sucks...

avengers19782805d ago

Archery giving anyone else shoulder pain.
I'm really enjoying it, besides table tennis, but really that's more me then the game itself.
Disc Golf is sweet and really shows how well the motion tracking works.
I Like MOVE, and can't wait for THe Shoot, and Sorcery to come out.

teedogg802804d ago

Lol I thought I was the only one. I think I pulled something in my right shoulder pulling the arrow back too far. It hurt for two days :( but all is well now. I can only play archery for a few minutes at a time.

Ju2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Oh, my shoulder hurt after the first day. Archery not so much, but my stepson and me smashed it out in Gladiator.

More like any real sports, Move needs a warm up, I guess. Start smashing your arms around cold can get you muscle pain real fast...

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btk2805d ago

Sports Champions is worth it.
My wanted games is:
- Golf
- Cricket
- Baseball
- Star Wars
- some fps game

It is not as accurate as a mouse yet but it is the best motion controller available

8-bit2805d ago

Resident Evil 5 is great with MOVE. I wasn't really feeling the launch titles for Move but Sports Champions is really fun and it is a great technical demo of how well the controller tracks.

foss32805d ago

I had Move preordered on release.

Initially I was cold. I definitely had some wii-ja-vu. Also some friends made fun of me for getting it calling Move lame. Well one said he wanted Kinect so that says something.

After a few days I'm enjoying it more. I finished bronze on Archery and am starting to enjoy playing it more. I've always been excited about the possibilities so I still think it's early days.

I haven't tried an FPS yet, my options are MAG Beta or RE5 (Japanese only)?

Does the japanese RE5 demo have move support?

Also, I tried Heavy Rain last night but I guess the patch doesn't come out until tomorrow (22nd). I have a feeling I might enjoy Heavy Rain a lot more with the Move. I liked the game but after playing it through once I haven't touched it (HR).

moparful992805d ago

RE5 gold edition has move support..

nycredude2805d ago

Guys you have to try Tumble. THat game really shows how precise the move is. It has a demo and only cost $10.

NegativeCreepWA2805d ago

I've enjoyed it so far, Sports Champions and Tumble are great, only played a hole of tiger woods so cant say much about it yet accept putting seemed to be a lot harder. Cant wait to try Heavy Rain tomorrow with it.

dirtydbz2805d ago

putting is sooooooo hard but I can hit the ball 100% everytime driving ( I need to learn how to hit it softer now) yeah gonna have to work on the short game a bit

Goaliegeek2805d ago

I'm really, really, sore. My right shoulder is killing me. I build up a good sweat playing gladiators. Love it. Move freakin owns.

gta_manic2805d ago

Ping Pong is killing my shoulder especially with a 15-35 record too. At least i'm okay with the gladiator game

Pillage052805d ago

I've been playing ping pong like crazy and I'm getting to where I can barely lift my arm. Just beat the silver cup though!

moparful992805d ago

I'm beasting through disc golf right now. I play avidly in real life so my real life talent is assisting me in game.. I'm already playing through gold cup.. LOVE the move without question... I, as well, am super sore..

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