OPM: FIFA 11 Review

OPM said that FIFA 11 is "bloomin' brilliant" and that "It's a big step forwards, promise. Very few flaws."

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

they also mention it in the EA sports podcast =)
the DEMO is actually amazing and its months old cant wait for the game

mastiffchild2926d ago

Oh dear. After yuears of hating Fifa it feels a bit dirty saying this but I have to:EA have done wonders and created the best footy game ever. Last time out was a deserving candidate for GOTY in some circles and judging by this, and the excellent demo which shows actual progress this might be one time we SHOULD be considering a sports game for our meaningless end of year GOTY polls. I think the last one actually got number v4 or 5 from the readers of OPM too so I'll be interested to see how this fares. Why don't racing or sports games ever get GOTY awards anyway? Doesn't that make an even bigger mockery of these awards? If a game's good it's good, no matter what the setting, no?

No one can tell me MW2 wasn't as formulaic as they come yet a lot of sites were happy to heap GOTY praise on it and games like Fifa and The Show are equally good in their own areas and if this one actually innovates as iot seems to I'd like to see EA get a few gongs for it. People who work on sports games have egos too, you know! Overhauling PES wasn't an easy task(haven't tried the demo yet myself for PES-even after being a staunch fanboy for years! They lost their way a few years back and never got to grips with the current gen and some of the online issues have been daft)yet EA have overtaken Shingo and the boys at Konami and never looked back. Taking out the ping pong passing this year is a very noticeable change for the better and I look forwards to seeing if I can become a decent keeper for the first time this year.

Hades13372926d ago

Nice, the demo was class. A definite step up from FIFA 10.

falloutx2926d ago

Has a sports game ever gotten a 10/10?
I liked the demo i bought 09 but skipped 10, I might buy fifa 11 though.

kevin360uk2926d ago

blimey so it got 10/10. perhaps EA will now struggle like its other sports games to justify a yearly release

jay22926d ago

I wasn't too convinced with the commontrey once again.

Erotic Sheep2926d ago

Do you mean commentary?

Really? You're judging a sports game on a conversation between 2 people about a match? I'm pretty sure an actual FIFA player would be more interested in the gameplay -.-

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