NBA Elite 11 Demo Control Impressions (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)- Gameplaybook

Surprise, the game actually plays...good? Gameplaybook provides the verdict on NBA Elite 11's demo gameplay.

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Buff10442855d ago

Game has tremendous potential.

PS360PCROCKS2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

demo? I'm going to try this out

edit:: hopefully it's on PSN, microsoft is pulling the gold member card on me.

VoicesInMyHead2855d ago

The shooting is absolutely fantastic.....idk if I liked the gameplay as a whole however....

Biggest2855d ago

It's still too arcade-like for my taste. But the shooting is pretty tight. But as a whole the demo is no where near the 2K11 demo. I am impressed with Elite though. They tried a little harder this time. Now if only 2K can get themselve back into the NFL, Madden might try to not suck.

OGharryjoysticks2855d ago

Once I figured out the controls I had total control

drdre742855d ago

Man it sucked. Maybe i'm just so use to 2K that I cant play other basketball games. I played it for like 3 min and was like WTF is this. lol it looks the same as any other Live game to me and I hate how they run. The run all bent over and their knees bent. Who the hell runs leaning over the whole time?

BX812855d ago

I've never played 2k but this game demo did suck imo! The characters seem too cartoony and the court seems short as hell. Maybe it's just the camera angle but I played the one with jordan on the cover as well and I thought that sucked too!

rareairtone2855d ago

My concern is that we have full control.

Hopefully, they weave fatigue in there, because while we may not get tired like we played an hour of basketball, the ingame character should.

The make percentage probably and should dwindle the longer the virtual player plays. Maybe they will decrease the area of the "shot made" section of the shot diagram, but will this be enough to carry out simulation basketball?

This may be skill based video game basketball, but it probably won't be simulation basketball.

I think we have to define a difference

iceman062855d ago

There IS total control, especially in shooting, but maybe to a fault. I felt almost unstoppable with Kobe. I sunk 3 pointers left and right while open (which should drop...but not 100%) and while double covered. I actually went 6-8 from the 3 point line...just to see if it was possible...with Kobe. I like the control, but there are other factors that go into whether a shot goes in than just is he a good shooter. There's pressure or clutch shooting. There's defensive pressure. There's motion of the player or momentum. These don't seem to change the accuracy rating of the attempted shot. Post moves seem limited (though I have to say that I am still discovering moves). I AM liking the defense, except the previous issue that even in great defensive cover shooters will still shoot high percentages. Overall, it's a great start for the ELITE franchise. But, I don't think it's enough in terms of the 5-on-5 on the court experience. The flow of the game seems off a bit. But, I love the competition between the games...because that is where you will get a basketball franchise that delivers the most that it can. Not like Madden, where it just delivers what it wants...because it CAN.

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