Killzone 3: New Video Shows Impressive Explosion

This new Killzone 3 gameplay footage shows an impressive explosion.

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kaveti66162713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

This looks fantastic, but if I had my way, there would be a couple of changes in the design.

For example, I don't like how weapons shine or glimmer in Killzone. The cinematic effect is diminished when I see shining weapons. I know why they're there. Nobody has to tell me because I know the shine serves a purpose.

But it's annoying.

Secondly, when a player dies or becomes gravely injured, I hate it when the game turns black and white. Again, I know why it's there. I also don't like that there's so much blood on the camera when a player is getting shot. It's not as bad as MW2 but it's still annoying.

What else? Hmmm. I don't like Rico. May he be cast into a pool of lava and may his sperm be impotent and dumb so no Rico Juniors ruin my gaming experience.

rroded2713d ago

ill take a housefull of ricos retarded demon spawn if they come with an extra ps3 kz3 a 3d tv n some move controllers XD

Red_Orange_Juice2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

youtube link

sikbeta2713d ago

OMG! this games get better and better... I can't wait to play it!!!


WhittO2713d ago

FFS Im so sick of these German sites taking youtube videos and porting them into their crap slow players!!

Kerrby2713d ago

Can anyone show me where the explosion was?

And where's this new footage? We've seen this same footage for the last two months.


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EvilBlackCat2713d ago

Seriously is just ridiculous that developers keep doing 1st person shooters where you can get hit by many bullets without dying (without using an armor)and they say that the combat feels real.

pansenbaer2713d ago

Most demos are set to the easiest difficulty setting to ensure everyone can play the game without getting frustrated.

dangert122713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

They are wearing armor
maybe you'd prefer socom?
and did't you know to much realism can kill a game check out GTA 4

Traveler2713d ago

Video games are never realistic. I guarantee they would be very boring if they were.

In real life if you get shot in the head or a vital organ you are dead, period. No continues either.

A game that tried to be completely realistic wouldn't work as a game.

morganfell2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

"...without using armor."

Somebody is dying to criticize while trying to protect a franchise. This is laughable when the same person promotes realism then expounds that Forza is a better title than GT5. Ahahahahahaha. What a joke. It invalidates everything else they could possible say. Genetically engineered space marines =======> that way.

8-bit2713d ago

Play Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising then. If you get shot in the head or chest, you die. If you get shot in the leg, you stager and can't walk well. Shot in the arm your aiming takes a loss.

OneSneakyMofo2713d ago

EBC, don't you play Halo? Nuff said.

Heisenberg2713d ago

It's entertainment first and foremost.... Like fuck, are you serious?

DMason2713d ago

Only one fallacy with your statement at the moment: GT5 isnt even out so how can you even begin to compare it to Forza 3? Im not saying that GT5 wont be a great game, but comparing a game that hasnt been released is just downright childish.

Bereaver2712d ago

DMason? Are you serious? The GT5 time trial is better than forza.

morganfell2712d ago

I can compare because like several people I have spent quite a bit of time with the game at 4 separate events. Enough time to understand the ocean of differences.

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Traveler2713d ago

When I first saw footage of Killzone 3 I was very impressed and I thought it was an improvement over Killzone 2, but I wasn't sure it was a very big improvement. Now that I have seen a lot more footage from Gamescom, PAX and Tokyo Game Show I am fully convinced that the graphics have been improved quite a lot.

ThanatosDMC2713d ago

Wow! What the hell kind of gun is that?! Reminds me of the rocket launcher from Resistance.

Traveler2713d ago

I believe it's called the WASP. It looks awesome, doesn't it?

TotalPS3Fanboy2713d ago

Indeed it does.
Indeed it does.

Mr Tretton2713d ago

are you kidding me? The light effects on the weapons are amazing in KZ. I love reloading just for the sake of it. rofl

There is no real 'cinematic feel' anyway, c'mon. What should break your cinematic perception should be the fact that it's in first person the whole time. Yes? Yes.

house2713d ago

will the main gun have a grenade launcher now? its one thing i really really want

Mr Tretton2713d ago

No it won't, thankfully. Don't need no noob tubes.

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kerrak2713d ago

Every video has "impressive" or "outstanding" in the title.

MGRogue20172713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Well.. It is Impressive, is it not?

Looked pretty damn good to me just now when I watched it.. My entire face lit up, in fact. Light reflection from the monitor etc etc.. :D

kerrak2713d ago

It's just that using this word a gazillion times makes it completely irrelevant, laughable and uninformative. I'm not talking about kz3, i'm talking about this shitty website.

Traveler2713d ago

Killzone 3 looks utterly amazing. I am more impressed by Killzone 3's graphics than any other current or upcoming shooter.

TheLastGuardian2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Looks awesome and so polished even though this is still pre-alpha. I wish I was as lucky as the people who get to play this before most of the fans.

From the Article:
"Killzone 3 will be released in February 2011 exclusively for PlayStation 3rd Das Actionspiel unterstützt neben PlayStation Move auch die neue 3D-Technik. The Action supports next PlayStation game Move the new 3D technology. presented by the latter impression you play3 editor Toni Opl in our video portal under look - look! Aktuelle Screenshots entnehmt ihr unserer Galerie. Latest Screenshots You can extract our gallery."

Do they seriously teach Germans to talk this way in Germenglish class?

KUV19772713d ago

That is the Google-Translator at work.

TheLastGuardian2713d ago

Well it's not very advanced. I only read it for a good laugh.

Calm Down Sunshine2713d ago

Hopefully Rico is caught up in a similarly impressive (and fatal) explosion.

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