Metroid: Other M review -

BeefJack: "I don’t think I can stress enough how far removed Other M is from other Metroid games. Other Metroid games are about adventure, where Other M is about action. Other Metroid games make you feel alone, and Other M makes you feel like a bad-ass with annoying friends. It sacrifices certain pillars of the Metroid franchise to present its own slant on it, and when held alongside other games in the series, Other M might not look that great. But when treated as its own action game set in the Metroid universe and with Metroid characters, it looks pretty much superb."

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morkendo232919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

action is good even though other metroid was not.
i like how they develope metroid other M it is SUPERB!

2919d ago
tunaks12919d ago

Just finished Other M for the first time(not the after credit stuff yet) and it was amazing.