Halo: Reach – The MMOMFG Review

Jeremy writes, "In this tag-teamed review of Halo: Reach, fellow editor Jake and I take a long hard look at Bungie’s last installment in the Halo series. We’ve got the review broken down into two parts, with Jake handling the campaign and firefight modes, while I try and survive the pig-faced hordes of multiplayer and forge modes. You’ve been waiting for months, so we won’t waste time, lock and load, we’ve got a planet to save!"

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The Meerkat2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

"Especially when you get a team who uses all cloaking causing your UAV to scramble virtually anywhere you go seems a little unfair."

ROFL, UAV? I smell a COD fanboy.

"I would have liked to see some sort of attributes attached to the equipment, even on a minimal scale; faster shield recharges, increased health, increased clip size…something, anything, but not nothing."

Let me put it in a way a COD fan would understand.
Armour is like Prestige, its only purpose is to show off to other Halo / COD fans.

"though noobs still like to spam that AR like whoa"

Thats because everyone starts with it and 'noobs' being 'noobs' won't know where the better weapons are.
And while your on the topic of spamming AR's have you ever heard of a game by the name of Call of Dootee?

Kurt Russell2856d ago

I like pimping my Spartan :/