High Velocity Bowling Move Support Not Free?

When I got Move I was extremely suprised about one thing, the lack of a bowling title on the demo disc. Every motion thing ive used always had a bowling game to show off the motion. Wii, phones, the Zune etc...Then I remembered that game I downloaded years ago to play with my Sixaxis controller, High Velocity Bowling.

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Sneak-Out2919d ago

haha, in Europe already xd

Shadow Flare2919d ago

Yeah I'm in Europe and the move patch for HV Bowling was free. As has been every move patch I've downloaded

nycredude2919d ago

This is a Bad job by SCEA. What about people who bought the game originally and supported Move day one? I don't mind holding back some stuff for Ps Plus owners but a patch to update an existing game to work with a new controller? very poor choice.

Way to pull a MS and Activision Sony!!!

WildArmed2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Oh people never do their research
*looks at the author of the article*

It's free, they are just giving it to PS+ members a week or two earlier. Not big of a deal really =/

Ryo-Hazuki2919d ago

Read the QA. Grace said it is free but exclusive to + members in the US first

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YoshiMeetsU2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

It's available free on the EU store. But it is exclusive to Plus members in the US(also free). Stop holding back content so you can justify charging people $50 a year Sony.

Corrwin2919d ago

Why do you assume extra development equates to free content?

Soldierone2919d ago

We dont, we already paid for the controller :P

Its not like its costly to put in Move support in a game based off Sixaxis to begin with. It was announced and made like a year ago anyways. If you want to support them then there is what a thousand items on the PS Store you can buy for this game? 99 cent balls ftw?

Corrwin2918d ago

"Its not like its costly to put in Move support in a game based off Sixaxis to begin with"

And you would know this because you're the head of development in a small games developer? Because the Move does not use the same tech as the sixaxis - sure it's similar, but it controls much differently (for one speed is determined by the camera, not the acceleration of the sixaxis).

You probably also bought another DualShock, do you think therefore all local-multiplayer games should be free?

stephmhishot2919d ago

Judging from your comments, you're pretty happy with your 360, so why worry about it?

YoshiMeetsU2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

So how I feel about my 360 has barring on what was once free for all is now being held back because I don't pay for Plus? If you must bring up the 360 its the same thing with Gold and I dont like it there either.

Corrwin: I understand the content costs $$ to make and if the developer wants to charge for that effort so be it no problem. i have a problem with the whole plus getting stuff first when I bought the game and supported as much as any Plus member. I understand we will get it for free eventually but holding it back simply because I refuse to pay $60 for the coupon service is lame. I don't believe they will charge any existing owner of the game for the patch so disagree with that part of this article.

/cry baby

Corrwin2919d ago

Oh heavens! Not a Costly Patch! Really? For a patch to incorporate a controller that didn't even exist when the game first released?

Those charlatans!

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The story is too old to be commented.