They Said What?: Kotick and Greenberg

GOS Writes: "Video game personalities are paid to be heard. It comes with the job to speak with the press, and we are all use to that fact by now.

Over the years some statements have been quoted that have left gamers either scratching their heads or calling for their resignations.

I came across some quotes I would like to share my reactions too. They come from the minds of Bobby Kotick and Aaron Greenberg."

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MGRogue20172855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Wow.. That guy is living the dream on that pic :D

I wonder if he still lives like that?? I wouldn't be surprised if he did though.. I know he is loaded. Probs get laid by a different hot girl like every night.. Daaaaamn. :P

Microsoft have got him sorted out, Lucky ba*tard! :(

002855d ago

Wish I could talk crap all day and be ballin.