Wired | Hands-On: Deft Visuals, Deep Gameplay Make Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll an RPG to Watch

Dan Luffey:

Some may look at Tecmo Koei’s Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, the latest in a series that has never seen the light of day in the West, and quickly pass it off another generic action role-playing game. But after all the mind-melting moe madness of Tokyo Game Show, I found the mature visuals of Trinity quite soothing.

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Game-ur2925d ago

They rave about the gameplay, this looks a sleeper hit. And I noticed visual improvements since the announcement of the delay some months back, now it's looking as good as FF13.

But some call it a hack and slash game, and some call it an RPG. If it's only because of leveling up that is found in every H/S game now. I hope it has NPC interaction and nonlinear exploration.

Chris3992925d ago

I'm very excited about this game. I've been waiting for it for ages.

Anyone know if there is a release date on it yet?

Game-ur2924d ago

Googled some info, it IS an RPG, and non liner, 30+ hours.

Hers an interview with the developers from IGN:

Panzerkanzler2924d ago

Hmm, might be interesting. For many years I've looked at rpg's from Japan with utter disgust. But then recently I tried Valkyria Chronicles and, though it perhaps is not strictly an rpg, I found it to be utterly AWESOME. I'm now somewhat interested in asian rpg's ;)
If anyone has any nice advice on games that are somewhat similar to Valkyria Chronicles or just knows some other awesome rpg's, please pm me!

Game-ur2924d ago

Yakuza 3 is like a brawler/RPG, lots of fun and memorable characters.
Folklore is an action/RPG, great story and gameplay. It got a lot of 9+ scores.

Tales of Vesperiea and Lost Odyssey on the 360.

Persona 3&4 are a must have, modern classics.

On the DS I recommend Devil Survivor, another modern classic