Experts and gamers stand together against Schwarzenegger law

A large number of US organisations and professionals have asked the US Supreme Court to not acquiesce to calls for violent videogame legislation.

The Electronic Software Association (ESA) and Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) have both rounded up groups of experts to file amicus briefs demanding the court upholds its prior rulings against California's latest game-rating bill.

The crux of their defence is that Governor Schwarzengger's proposed ban on the sale or rental of violent games to minors contravenes the US Constitution's First Amendment.

The ESA has recruited 182 supporters to its cause, comprising medical professionals, legal experts, scientists and 'First Amendment Experts.'

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xtremexx2860d ago

i dont get it whats the Schwarzenegger law?

abc12332860d ago

so now it's illegal for a 10 year old to walk into a shop and get an 18 rated game? Could have sworn it's always been like that, otherwise what's the point of ratings in the first place.

DelbertGrady2860d ago

I still can't fathom that this guy is the governor of California.