PALGN: Racket Sports Review

PALGN writes: "The biggest issue with the Wii when it was released is that developers didn't seem to have a good initial grasp of how to make the most out of the hardware provided; titles referred to as 'shovelware' were released regularly, and involved swinging the controller around like a fool in order to achieve specific actions. It didn't feel fluid, it didn't work all the time, and it certainly didn't feel like you had a direct impact on how things translated to the screen - ultimately, the experience wasn't very fulfilling. Any motion-sensing device is going to have titles like this in order to 'cash in' on the latest trend, and the most obvious example of this on the PlayStation Move so far is Racket Sports."

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mac4u102922d ago

wow is this game really that bad?

1233602922d ago

i was a bit surprised sony let this on to there system,the demo on the store says it all,sports champions shows how it should be done.ubisofts attempt doesn,t