GameFocus: (Move) Sports Champions Review

GameFocus writes: "As the core PS Move title, Sports Champions delivers on what it intended to deliver: offering fun and easy sports games that everyone can pick up, play and enjoy from the start. Gamers will quickly develop their favorite and least favorite of the events and involving others is only limited to the amount of motion controllers you have."


+ Excellent choices with available events (Bocce being my personal favorite)
+ Great course variety
+ Fantastic tutorials that ease you into each sport
+ Difficulty ramps up at a steady pace


- Stereotypical cast of characters
- Requires an additional motion controller to fully enjoy all events on your own
- An additional Move wand is needed to play most of the multiplayer events
- Some discomfort from playing Archery

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Game-ur2890d ago

"Some discomfort from playing Archery"

The actual "con" is this guy's health