Super Mario Galaxy (and all other 07 Wii/DS games) dated for Europe

Super Mario Galaxy and a host of other Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS games have already been dated for North America this year, but now a leaked release list reveals the launch dates of all of the titles headed to Nintendo consoles in Europe in 2007. The biggie, of course, is Super Mario Galaxy - set to rocket into stores on November 16.

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time2die4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Europe is the biggest gaming Community in the World regardless of how many people live in the usa and Japan.

Sony and Nintendo can kiss my arse as i am totally not interested in there crappy released schedules and complete lack of respect for anyone that lives outside the us or Japan.

When are you going to treat us all as equals Nintendo and Sony,We all buy your consoles and yet Europe still has to wait months for games already released in the us and Japan.

Sony you killed the import shops like lik sang,And those were the saving grace for us people in Europe.

Microsoft however are not nearly as bad as we only normally have to wait a few days after the us..Example Bioshock 21/8 us and 24/8 Europe.

There is no reason for all this crap and its about time you idiots working for Sony and Nintendo treated us Europeans better.

Not only do we get ripped of with the console and game prices we have to wait untill you decide when we can have the games others have been playing for months.

Untill you get with the program and sort out your release schedules then you can stick your consoles were the sun dont shine.

ItsDubC4135d ago

Calling those who work for Sony and Nintendo idiots isn't exactly the most diplomatic way to get a point across.

I can't speak for Sony personally, but Nintendo released Mario Strikers (the first awesome online Wii game) in EU over a month before NA's release. Also, EU is supposed to be getting Mario Kart Wii first.

unsunghero284135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

time2die is just an angry MS fanboy who happens to also be a European gamer.

djt234135d ago

wow that alot of games