GTA IV Trailer In Behind Enemy Line

Recreation of GTA4 trailer. Vladimir Mashkov, in Behind Enemy Lines, looks alot like Niko Bellic, recreation of the second GTA4 trailer in Behind Enemy Lines Movie. Ignore the subtitles...

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sjappie3984d ago

The guy actually looks like Nico.

Lakuspakus3984d ago

Shouldnt it be Nico looking like him? Not the other way around?

Crazyglues3984d ago

I think they where watching that movie when they decided on what the lead character should look like.

We all know they where watching Scarface when they make GTA3 so.. this is no surprise. But it sure is cool the way someone put this together.

Kleptic3984d ago

haha this was on TV the first day that the first GTA4 trailer came out...and I always thought that the adidas dude looked like Niko since then...

this video was funny...the subtitles needed removing at times...but still funny...

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