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skynidas2857d ago

WOW, HUGEEEEE update. Getting some of those demos, and buying Deathspank and maybe blade kitten, i'll decide later. Anyways, great update Sony!

WildArmed2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Great update!
YAY, for early pstore stuff!

I think i may have to buy HVB, really loved it when I played it @ cousins.. and w/ the Move add-on.. it seems like the right time to buy.

A Cupcake for Gabe2857d ago

Ok riddle me this batman,

DeathSpank is $15
But the ToV Bundle is $15 and it's both games plus two DLCs? There's no ToV game in an by itself? So a game that's half the length of the 1st one is only available in a bundle. I bought DS day one and don't want to pay another $15 for a 50% expansion and a game I already own. Is a DLC add on happening here?

Forbidden_Darkness2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

ToV is a whole new game according to the creators, a sequel made the exact same time as the first DS game. The two DLCs their talking about is for ToV if you buy it within the first week.

rdgneoz32857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

@A Cupcake for Gabe There was an article on the PS blog about that. Its a "bundle" because if you buy it during the first week, it comes with DLC: a 2nd player additional character (some sort of half ninja, half spider guy) and a dungeon. The "bundle" includes the 2 free DLC things and the TOV game, it doesn't include the first game at all. They'll probably change it next week to the TOV game separate for $15 and then pay for the DLC if you want it for a few dollars.

p.s. Love that they're starting to do Japanese imports. Hopefully they'll bring a lot more of them over.

raztad2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

only for PS+.

EDIT: Odd. I'm sure I read about LoS for PS+ earlier but it is not listed.

rdgneoz32857d ago

Yah, they had mentioned a LoS demo coming out this week, but its no where to be found. Also, don't remember anyone saying it being just for PS+.

FACTUAL evidence2857d ago

I think im the first one with the playstation 15 anni avatar lmao.

NJShadow2857d ago


Theoneneo812857d ago

HVB Move patch Tomorrow Win! Now where is The Show Move Patch. would love to swing a few HRs with the Move

NegativeCreepWA2857d ago

I hope it works good. the one review I read about it said it made the game worse.

MAG_SVER2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

So let me guess, that one review is going to "Manipulated" your "Self-esteem" & "Control" your decision by "Propaganda" in Whether or Not you should purchase the Game/Move for a different experience.

Wow, this is why they say the internet controls this "Generation" we believe whatever we read, well not me. I make my own decisions.

Give it ago yourself, maybe you can rent the move soon without purchasing it & then make your own decision, not based off others.

Experience is the only way to live life, you have to try something yourself. Not attacking you just shedding some light :)

NegativeCreepWA2856d ago

What hell are you talking about. I never said this was going to effect my decision to play it especially since I already own Move and this game.
I HOPE IT WORKS GOOD, was it that hard to understand.

And just because a review says it made things worse makes it propaganda, how ignorant are? Maybe its true and the DS3 does work better for.

All your shedding some light on is your fanboy ignorance jumping to defend anything Sony.

mricecreamman2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

WOW THAT WAS A RECORD for the lastest and longest store update to date lol. enslaved here i come!!!

good job sony on pushing the update tonight as promised!

N4GAddict2857d ago

Actually, it arrived earlier than usual...

SmokeyMcBear2857d ago

yeah, but updates are supposed to be tuesdays not mondays.

mricecreamman2857d ago

i am talking about time not date here people

SmokeyMcBear2857d ago

yeah.. but techincally its early not late.. if you look at date or time.

mricecreamman2857d ago

it's not early if the reason for the update wasn't for the maintenance tomorrow. i am through with this silly argument!

skynidas2857d ago

Actually is still earlier dude...

SmokeyMcBear2857d ago

yeah.. no matter how you slice it.. its early

cmon one more comment and he wastes em all.. bwahahaha

Theoneneo812857d ago

its earlier cause of maintance time tommorow 8-5 pst time

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Neko_Mega2857d ago

Wasn't their a lot of sites saying the dreamcast are xbl only? Anyways can't wait to buy a lot psn games.

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