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E4G: Love it or hate it, Halo has become a juggernaut. Yes everyone Halo: Reach is finally upon us, it’s the game that I’ve been waiting for all year and after reading the book Halo: The Fall of Reach, it’s “The” Halo game I’ve been waiting for. First things first this is a full game unlike Halo 3: ODST (which we all know is an expansion pack NOT a full game, so don’t hate, appreciate), let’s get started shall we?

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TAL0IV2799d ago

Solid game, i really enjoyed it

mmoracerules2799d ago

I beg to differ, I love this game, a HUGE improvement over Halo 3 in almost every way possible

Traveler2799d ago

Yeah it's a fantastic game. Better than Halo 3 in basically every way.

StanLee2799d ago

Every game has it's drawbacks, no game is perfect but for what Halo Reach offers, it's well deserving of the critical praise. The campaign is well paced and 4 player co-op and campaign scoring makes it competitive, social and fun; Firefight is hectic and exciting and with so many variants you have so many options of ways to play or just simply change the settings to fit the way you want to play ( . . . my friends and I created a Firefight mode with hunters in every wave and play it on legendary. It's chaos and so much fun); Multiplayer, while it has it issues is probably the most balanced of any online multiplayer with so many game modes and spot on matchmaking; Forge is easy to use and with so much content from the community you have access to so many variants. While there may be better single player experiences or better multiplayer experiences this year, as a package, in terms of content and polish, Halo Reach is this year's best game.

The Meerkat2799d ago

Better than Halo 3 in every way.

Except the story. I.e. there wasn't one.

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dkblackhawk502799d ago

Game is not too bad, glad to see that Bungie can still make a decent game even when they left MS.

mmoracerules2799d ago

The best thing Bunei did in my honest opinion, Microsoft was doing crazy stuff from left to right, wish they had gone to EA though :(

CovertGunman2799d ago

I absolutely love the game. It's so much better than Halo 3 in every way and I'm having a difficult time keeping away from it. I got bored with Halo 3 but I haven't yet gotten bored of this one. Great review, btw. :)

mmoracerules2799d ago

The neat thing I like about this is the new forge editior, like damn it is about bloody time that they fixed it, it is so much easier now to build whatevery oup lease, lik forge art.

blkriku2799d ago

It's Halo, did anyone expect it to get any other score? I think not

dkblackhawk502799d ago

You would be surprised, some people think that this game is 10/10 worthy but there are still some issues.

CovertGunman2799d ago

I have to agree with that. While it is really great and it should deserve a 10/10, it does have it's fair share of problems. The most we can hope for is that Bungie is quick on their feet and can easily solve those problems.

mmoracerules2799d ago

See?! That is what blind people just don't understand lately, all they do is read the title of the series and they think that it must be perfect...>.> Lovely thing that this consumer games turn out to be.

blkriku2799d ago

I hope the fix the problem where a lot of ppl are getting disc errors

matrix2012799d ago

i hope you mean the 4gb console no co-op mode?

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