Tokyo Game Show 2010 Game Awards Winners

Closing the Tokyo Game Show of 2010, the representatives of TGS also known as CESA held the annual Game Awards of the show.

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Bigpappy2774d ago

Looks like M$ had a good showing.

EYEamNUMBER12774d ago

to be honest i was really disappointed with this years TGS overall

Neckbear2774d ago

It was better than E3, for one.

Second, some cool games were shown off.

Third, Japanese Otakus raging thanks to guys being on [email protected]

And last, WHY THE FUCK ISN'T PROJECT DARK IN THAT LIST?! Oh well, there's at least El Shaddai and Vanquish in there.

God, sometimes I think Japanese masses have no taste in videogames.

At all.

EYEamNUMBER12774d ago

better than E3? i wouldn't go that far maybe the microsoft conference but overall now

little announcements and worthwhile reveals came out of this years TGS
the only big announcement was DMC but that is only big because of how much people dislike it so far

Game-ur2774d ago

The maker of the Yakuza game actually looks like Yakuza…maybe he is a Yakuza.

paintsville2772d ago

Microsoft is beginning to build up momentum. I don't see things really changing from the way they are now before the next gen consoles release.

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RedPawn2773d ago

Depends on your taste.

Jay-Tech2773d ago Show
Simco8762773d ago

Where is The Last Guardian?

2773d ago