TGS 2010 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Announcement Interview With Katsuhiro Harada.

Ricardo talks to Katsuhiro Harada, Namco Bandai game director, about the release of the upcoming game Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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xino2800d ago

this is why i like Hip Hop G's interviews, he makes it more lively and enjoyable to watch.

This just look and sound boring:/

ElementX2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

HHG? LOL, I seriously can't believe anyone would want to talk to that guy, let alone be interviewed by him. He's just a ghetto wannabe. He doesn't have skills, he doesn't have talent. I watched one video of his and it was pathetic. The show appeared to be filmed in a basement somewhere, with a bed sheet hanging in the background as a backdrop. It was painful to watch. All the ghetto people on here think he's representing, it's sad indeed. I know a lot of people on this site are minorities, and I respect them, however they all seem to think HHG is the sh!t talking like they do, when in fact he IS sh!t.

Natsu X FairyTail2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

stfu dont talk for us ''minorities''

talkin bout we think he's ''representing' 9; and ''however they all seem to think HHG is the sh!t talking like they do, when in fact he IS sh!t.''

what the f1ck u talkin bout.

ElementX2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I'm talking from experience. I live in the city, I know how "city people" talk. I'm not ignorant by any means. You shouldn't be so upset, unless you are what I described. You should act how you want to be viewed by others. I've read your posts, I can tell a punk when I read how they talk.

BTW I'm a "minority", I'm gay! There are fewer gay people than other groups.

Ok, by minority, I meant people who talk like HHG. There are blacks, whites, asian, and latino people who talk like HHG. I didn't mean "minority" as in race, I meant minority as in dialect and speaking. If you went to school, you'd know what a "minority" was. Minority means less than most. It could refer to race, sexual orientation, gender, anything that's less that the majority. Quit playing the race card.

xino2800d ago

He gets all the things YOU DON'T!
*He gets to talk to people of Bungie, God of War, David Jaffe, EA etc
who have you spoken famous to in your life?
*he gets to go to conventions
have you been to any gaming conventions before?
*he gets invited to private conference, company conferences and game conferences
have you been invited to any conferences?
*He gets insights in gaming industry from people
do you know anybody who can tell you the latest secret/info/leak in a game or hardware being developed?
*He airs a show that gets 1000hits in a few hours
do you manage a site that gets popularity?
*he is FAMOUS in the gaming journalist industry
you are not famous, let alone or worst, not even famous in N4G!

I would go on, but I don't wanna completely own you. You just have envy and hate for him which I take pity on you.
I didn't come here to discuss about HHG, all I said was his interview are enjoyable to watch more than this! Because he brings out the inner character of the person he is interviewing, making them feel at home. Rather than both of them talking as if they are in a job interview like every other interviews I've watched provided from top sites. Even Dualshockers are providing HHG quality like interviews:)

Yes sometimes the gaming news he provides end up not being true well things change within company and idea and features gets scrapped. Also exaggerating on most games, if you follow journalist ways, this will be nothing new as every other sites hypes up different games for their likings or for their site reputation.

Second, ghetto people in here!? Most people represent him because he is a black man getting above others, just like how everyone accepted Obama for being the first black president.

I'm sorry but you are just a underrated sore butt hurt who have a grudge on another for doing something you dream of doing. If you think you are better than HHG, go on, be a journalist and prove him wrong. Rather than sitting behind your desk hating on him all day, its not as if he did anything bad to you? Take a look at TheGamingAccess, Nick there keeps improving his show presentation while HHG topics gets better each time. Everyone who has a dream will work hard at it and someone will always be there to hate and stop on their dream. And I'm afraid you are a hater, look at yourself in the mirror and see why you dislike something good.

And to others who keep hating on HHG.
LOL...seriously just stop!
You are looking forward to a game, the man gets you an interview with one of the key developers thus giving you more insight in the game. Why keep hating? You don't have to watch all of his shows, just switch to the important bits.

Anyway my words won't change anything, because "haters are gonna hate".
In the end, you generate his site hit and watch his show because you are curious. If you don't have a high self-esteem trash ego, you wouldn't beat yourself up and trash talk HHG just because he is better than you.

ElementX2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

No, I don't personally know anyone who does those things you say, however there are 100 better sites which DO HAVE such information and don't create bogus flamebait headlines like HHG does. I have no respect for him.

As for being famous in N4G, I've been here since 2006, HHG has been here since 2007, so technically I have been more active on this site. HHG has 476 comments, I have 4771 comments. He has more articles, but has been in the scene less overall.

Go to school, your grammar needs work. I didn't say being gay was like being an ethnic minority, I said being gay was a minority. Quit playing the race card, you look like a fool. If you want to get into it, I was born gay, people are born into whatever ethnic group they are in. There are gays in every ethnic group, so why are you trying to distort what I said? Does it make you feel better about yourself? There are white gay people who are minorities, there are black gay people who are minorities. Being gay is a minority no matter what ethnicity.

Masamori Sumimura2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Did this guy just say GAY is a minority like it was an Ethnic group?

by the way you clearly wasnt talking about the way HHG speaks when you said people of minority. You're trying play it cool now that you got put on blast.


Welp , Here goes to Grammar police patroling the WorldWideWeb again.

oh by the way you said

"BTW I'm a "minority", I'm gay! There are fewer gay people than other groups."

that's basically putting ethical groups and Deviant Sexuality in the same lot. Which doesnt make sense.

ElementX2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

So being gay is "deviant" LOL, nice of you to classify a group of people as abnormal. Straight people don't understand, but gay people are born the way they are. What you said is basically a slam against minorities. I never said anything against blacks. You turn a valid argument into a sexual/religious bashing of gay people. How mature of you. Only the church believes homosexuality is abnormal. There have been documented cases of many species of animals with homosexual behaviors. It's not just a human lust thing, it's something that happens for many animals.

You interpreted what I said about the way inner city people talk as a "black thing". You assumed that I was referring to black people, i never said anything about you. You mentioned "ethnic" groups.

Masamori Sumimura2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

wait , wait. who said i was black? you're implying I am black because I'm debating on the subject and defending ethic groups and using Improper grammar?

isnt that ''racist'' ?

Spydr072800d ago

"but gay people are born the way they are."
Really, well, my mom is gay and had 5 kids. She wasn't gay until after she had all of her kids, then got raped like 7 times by different men. Would you still call that "born" gay? I wouldn't.

Be careful with blanket statements.

kaveti66162800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

What the fuck is happening here?

HHG is not even here, man.

As for this whole, Gay vs. Black thing, you guys are going waaay off-topic.

Nobody needs to know if you're gay or not. It doesn't have anything to do with the gaming scene, man, as much as you may want. Being black has nothing to do with it it either.

HHG is trying to mix his passion for hip hop with his passion for games. He's not trying to mix his passion for games with the fact that he's black.

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xino2800d ago

You are from the city and you have experience over how people talk "minority", this is nothing new. I'm sorry but you can't justify how a person should talk, it's being prejudice! Also this is being single minded because from your opinion, you feel that for an example "a red neck accent sounds better than an Asian accent" right?
Listen, there is nothing you can do about people talking street words "minority", I have people who talk like that in the UK. And believe me it is farking ridiculous! They interpret simple words by changing it with a negative word.
For an example a good word like "Awesome" would be changed to "ill, heavy, sick, gully etc" Whereas those words are in fact opposite of awesome, meaning being bad! And because of the stupid "sick" word I hear and see all the time, I in fact love using it:D
Ninja Gaiden 3 will be sick!
Sociality are using the street talk, when I say sociality I mean everyone including girls. Even most teachers would have to learn this street talks to fully understand their students motives, same with parents.
So if you think trying to learn street talk is being ignorant, then by all means you are the single minded person.

If people want to speak that way, let them speak, but if you think you are better than them because of how you speak. It CLEARLY shows you have a high self esteem ego.
"Healthy self-esteem means thinking as highly of yourself as you think of your friends and peers."
You see? right now you would think what I am saying is bull, well that's because again you think you are right which is another point to your ego, having a high ego shows that you think you are always right but you are not. Much like freaking customers we get in retail stores who always thinks that "customers are always right".
I have a healthy self esteem and I'm trying to point out what you lack which is being blinded that you are high self esteem. Minorities speaking like HHG means nothing, they speak like that because they are surrounded by them!

If a white man gets surrounded by Africans, he would speak their accent! If an Indian man lives in Britain, he would live like a British. If a n00b from COD plays MW2 online, he would trash talk like them (also references to The Online Gamer episode 5), and ultimately if a home schooled boy gets surrounded by minorities, he would speak like them!

ElementX2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Speaking like HHG doesn't get them jobs. Just look at the people on welfare. They're not suburbanites speaking proper English. They're inner city people talking the way he does, scaring away potential employers. Nobody wants to hire a person speaking like that. Do you go to Best Buy and get greeted "Sup homeboy? You wanna HDTV? Dawg 3D is the sh!t right now" No, you don't.

@ below:
When did I say black people in my comment? I said inner city people. You pulled the race card. BTW I'm the only white person in my job as a security officer. So you tell me I'm racist, go ahead. I've been working with blacks for over 8 years, if I were racist I'd quit and find another job. We go to happy hour together, we hang out, we have potluck lunches. They don't talk the way HHG does. Quit calling me racist when you don't know the facts. You look like a fool!

Fine, twist everything I say into your own racist meaning. WTF, it's not what I meant, it's not what I said. You can find any meaning in anything you want. If you want to see Cats on Broadway, I'm sure you can see some sort of racist references, if you watch Friends, I'm sure you can find some short of any Islam meaning somewhere. Keep digging beyond face value, see where it gets you.

Masamori Sumimura2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

now tell me this guy ElementX aint a Racist! lol he just said that black people , people that talks like black people and people from the inner city are Scary and make people run away.

edit: Dude dont try and play it Smart you just Edited What you WRote. You think I would make Assumption of you being racist out of the blue? You're lucky that you had the time to edit that. Next time I'll take a screenshot.

xino2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

YOU see what I'm talking about DAWG!?
My analogy worked!

You have just proven yourself higher than HHG by showing your high self esteem!:D

In your post #3
you clearly tried to show proof how you are better than HHG, by showing you have been on this site longer than him, having better post and contributing more than HHG.
You are wrong, because HHG gives news to nearly every gamer who comes to this site. You give contribution by posting news from other sources, approving and reporting articles, forum post and comments, if I might add agrees and disagrees:D
Commenting on N4G really means nothing because you are only inputting your OPINION regarding the article. And N4G comments are always full of fanboy comments.

You can complain that HHG makes flamebait titles, I myself find them funny and as soon as I read one, I can instantly tell it is by HHG. Listen, you really can't complain what headline he puts because you GET the same thing in newspaper. That's if you and other complainers do read newspapers.

Again you are telling someone to go back to school shows your high self esteem. I really thank you for this discussion because NOW I fully know why people like you always judge others online about their Engrish and grammar. It's because they have high self esteem ego, they think they are better than anyone even online. Thus this is what makes them blind and makes them a hard communicating person.

I can't lay any advice to you to fix your high ego, but everyone is made that way though there is something in life that will allow us to spark for a change.

-EDIT to your last post-
Yes it's true, speaking street will not get you a job. But let me rephrase that for you. "Speaking street will not get you a PROFESSIONAL job".
They are inner city people talking like HHG because they are surrounded by those like HHG. Alas some people even want to speak like HHG because that "defines" their character. I remember while working and a manager asked me a question "my accent is different, I don't speak like a East London person". How single minded she is, just because I'm from East london doesn't mean I need to speak like them or use the street words they use. I prefer not to use street because this is how I was brought up or this is how I like speaking.

If you disagree on street talk, go to chat rooms, people do not use full spelling sentences like I'm currently doing now. Dey type ike dis, also dey spell exactly lke txt mssages. Same on Facebook man.

Also another point to backup my statement. You look out the street and you see more boys pulling down their trousers or pants, why do people do it? Because they are surrounded by the ones who do it!

And working at BestBuy and finding people who talk like "a mother faker wat's up you wanna buy a HDTV my n*gg" are the ones we describe as lively.

Spydr072800d ago

There's a time and a place for everything. You put out the image you want and choose to portray. I have more black and hispanic friends than white and I can talk 'ghetto' or whatever you want to call it, very well. Having said that, I don't go on public forums or to job interviews speaking that way. There's a time and a place.

HHG chooses to speak the way he does and appeals to his demographic of choice. Does it make him less intelligent, no. He will always have people stereotype him that way just because of how he talks. Why this discussion got so heated is beyond me because I don't think he gives a shit.

xino2800d ago

Sure most readers will find his comments quite racist or the character racist himself personality I don't think he is racist.
"he's just a choire boy that's got a jump on all of you fools" I love that statement from Denziel:)
Really he just dislikes people who talk street and feels that most people who use them street words and spread them are black people, thus reason why he refers to "black".

I really dislike people who use those street words but there is nothing I can do about it. Basically ElementaX is just prejudice. I confess that I don't like seeing white girls with braids/dreadlocks like how most common black girls are. But what is wrong with me? what makes me look at them? is because they look good with the braids style! Same thing with black girls with straight down hair. Ultimately I need to accept both, in which I have now.

From Masamori point of view sees ElementaX has racist but I doubt it. The words inputted by him are generated by his high ego. It's exactly the same thing I would say now: "white people have high ego and see themselves better than black people". All the white people who will read this will find this racist! Truthfully it is a fact but it should be "many white people".

That is your point of view, because you are ALSO single minded and fail to see this whole argument in the first place.
Hip Hop G obviously knows the right time and place, during interviews he makes the person lively and being himself/herself. With this the interview can go smoothly and who knows eventually lead the person to drop a secret bomb that's mean to be discreet.
Why would you want to act MR PROFESSIONAL when interviewing someone for info and fun? it is not a job interview, when you go to job interview you always feel nervous!
Unless you have a high ego and know for sure you WILL get the job:/

Yes he will always have haters because haters are gonna hate!
Just like people who hate Obama.
I mean I have a hater on N4G, I love covering Team NINJA, DOA and Ninja Gaiden stories but this hater who might be reading this hates it. He already laid down 2 hate comments on my blog which I deleted.

You all need to understand that people who spreak street anytime are there for a purpose and we have to live with them! It's exactly the same with N4G, we have fanboys messing up the site. I love N4G because it's my daily gaming site news and I get info on all gaming news, but I have to put up and live with the fanboys who troll the site. That is the way of life my friends!

anyway g2g, late for work.

Spydr072800d ago

What part of my statement was closed minded at all? Maybe after you get off work, you can tell me. Saying it's his choice? It is. HHG isn't forced to talk or act like that. If he doesn't know how to speak properly, he has the resources to learn (everyone does). So, it IS a choice.

Nor did I say his choice of time and place would be the same as my own. You really need to pay more attention to what is actually written.

tacosRcool2799d ago

HHG is a joke
One couldn't believe most of what that guys says

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gtamike2800d ago

That was a great interview!!! can't wait for the game :D

MiloGarret2799d ago

Jesus Christ look at all the retards commenting on this.

Spydr072799d ago

If comments on this are from all the retards...well, then that would make you...

killcycle2798d ago

Well said Spydr, Bubbles

MiloGarret2799d ago

Thanks for further proving my point. At least try to formulate a proper sentence.

Spydr072797d ago

"Jesus Christ look at all the retards commenting on this."
You're missing a comma, moron.

"At least try to formulate a proper sentence."
Poor adjective for what you're trying to express. Try using FORM instead of FORMULATE and it will sound more fluid and correct.


Three consecutive dots, or periods, form what is called and ellipsis. You can read the definition above for further insight as to its use. Since you cannot seem to fill in the the generally understood words, I'll fill them in for you;

"If comments on this are from all the retards posting, well, then that would make you a retard."

That is a proper sentence in either of the forms I wrote it in. Thanks for proving MY point. :D

Lastly, you do realize that posting on forums is essentially writing in DIALOGUE, which doesn't have the same set of rules as expository writing (or similar), per se. Just a heads up.

2799d ago
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