NBA Jam: Still Simple, Still Way Too Much Fun

Layton Shumway: I learned two things from playing the new NBA Jam at PAX. One: the Blazers still can't beat the Jazz. Two: NBA Jam is as simple as ever, and even more fun.

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RockYou2855d ago

But is Bill Clinton an unlockable character in this one? How about Barack Obama?

rdgneoz32855d ago

I think I heard Obama is, not sure who else.

bbretterson2855d ago

I'd like to see Nancy Pelosi.

rod_furlong2855d ago

Karl Rove could be based on the Spud Webb model.

illegalyouth2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Let me know when I can get this for PS3 as a standalone purchase.

Gungnir2855d ago

This is the only basketball game I ever enjoyed. I'm curious to see all the hidden characters this time around.

Paul_Gale2855d ago

Played it on Wii at E3, lots of fun.