Duke Nukem Forever: I Have Little Faith

2K Games wants us to believe that they will actually release Duke Nukem Forever? That's a tall order.

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MitchyD2799d ago

I dunno... I think they're serious this time. :)

FrankenLife2799d ago

I got to sit and listen to Randy Pitchford tell a very enthusiastic story about how Gearbox got involved. Then kept going on and on even more enthusiastically about it is actually coming out and is in the polishing stages. He then led me into another room where I got to play it.

You want to believe that it isn't coming out, then go right ahead. But what I experienced at PAX was enough to get me to believe that it is coming out and that it will be a blast to play.

Mista T2799d ago

this game is gonna freaking own, it's all about kicking ass and chewing bubblegum while having lots of fun

illegalyouth2798d ago

I hope Gearbox included the multiplayer taunts and the ability to mod in my favorite movie quotes!

Gungnir2798d ago

Still not excited about this..

rod_furlong2798d ago

I'm excited about anything Gearbox does post-Borderlands...until they screw something up!

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