Xbox 360 dominance in Japan will come 'over time'

At Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show keynote, the company was quick to prove it hadn't given up on the territory. The platform holder announced no less than five Xbox-exclusive titles, all of which are being developed by highly venerated Japanese studios.

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ingiomar2859d ago

the 360 will dominate in japan

UnSelf2859d ago

idk which article is more proposterous: This or the one before it

Cevapi882859d ago

awwww yeeeeee muffins!!!!

weed is not free man...quit wasting it on saying such a dumb thing

Army_of_Darkness2859d ago

Lmao!!!! how about I add to that fairy tale.." N4G will no longer have fanboys over time" LOL!

Dragun6192859d ago

If jrpg exclusives didn't work, then nothing will.

mikeslemonade2859d ago

It's possible but is it worth it? They have already spent billions this generation with the 360 over in Japan, and the result pretty much is meaningless. What if they spent around $10 billion to secure some real exclusives like a Final Fantasy? That will probably get them to selling at the PS3 rate right now, so is it worth it to get the xbox selling 25,000 consoles a week.

tinybigman2858d ago

when hell freezes over, pigs fly, and aliens make themselves known to the public.

in other words it will NEVER happen.

sikbeta2858d ago

*Xbox 360 dominance in Japan will come over time /s*


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Imperator2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

LMFAO, is this some sort of joke? Becuase it's got me lauging. Ha, ha, MS Reps are the funniest bunch of delusional people ever.

DORMIN2859d ago

LOL MS PR is on a roll today, they need to lay off the mechanical elephants and space ponchos.

W831SOLIDSNAKE2859d ago

Dominates in Japan is the bottom.

westy5522859d ago

Bubbles cause that made me rofl.

CaptainMarvelQ82859d ago

that would be in another galaxy

OmarsAccount2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

and I know that's probably not gonna happen :/

PS3 Supremacy2859d ago

At this rate, they'll get somewhere in about 400 years or so...give or take a few.

Nihilism2859d ago


I thought sony took the PR hype cake but this week M.S have solidified the throne for life.

Handhelds_FTW2859d ago

Has never been so relevant then this moment, to what ingiomar has just written.

niceguywii602859d ago

Dominating Worldwide is good enough.

room4142858d ago

Sony and nintendo did it with their first 2 consoles in this industry.
Looks like microsoft is the dumbest guy in the room.

BAMGameOver2859d ago

its too early for april fool ingiomar :/

DNAbro2858d ago

then give it about 10 years afterward

aaron58292858d ago

over time...

possibly in around 2 or 3 million years...


8thnightvolley2858d ago

i knw 360 is not doing great there but to be fair i do see alot of japs when i play castlevennia hamony of despair online..

ozps32858d ago

May be in a few hundred years

tinybigman2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

in what world do you live? you know as well as i that this will never happen.

tacosRcool2857d ago

MS is just weak. Bold claims alongside millions of dollars to support their claim.

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Krugsy2859d ago

I think the sales will improve slightly, but I don't think the 360 will ever 'dominate' in Japan, it's too far behind and the Sony brand is too popular.

gcolley2859d ago

agreed. plus sony would no doubt counter Kinect if it ever took off. just the same as MS and Sony countered the Wii.

plus it is an american brand, just won't happen.

spooky2052859d ago

successful in japan. Isnt apple selling iphones like crazy over there? It was something like 72% marketshare of the smart phone segment. Its not so much the product but as the quality. If the 360 had a much better build quality im sure the japanese would be more forgiving. I dont ever see the xbox brand ever dominate japan. Perhaps they could crave out a nice segment for the market for themselves that could lead to a great market share but dominance? Nah thats way off.

-Mezzo-2859d ago

I don't think he's talking about 360, he said 'Xbox' not 'Xbox 360' maybe he's referring to the success of the next hardware in the Xbox Brand. OHH MY GOD DID HE JUST HINTED AT XBOX 720. lol

Krugsy2859d ago

Phil Spencer's comments may not have been about the 360 (though we dont really know the context), but the article was in fact discussing his comments in relation to the 360.

All_4_One2859d ago

Microsoft is sure running their mouths a lot nowadays. Good luck dominating a region where your voice can barely even be heard.