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It has been said once before and it'll continue to be stated: the PSP is turning out some grand RPGs as of late and it seems like it will continue to see RPGs release on it throughout the remainder of the calendar year. Unlike many of the recent RPGs releases, Cladun is unlike anything available on the PSP market. Instead of featuring overly complicated menu systems, complex party options, and everything the RPG has turned into today, we have a 16-bit styled adventure that will make seasoned gamers feel like they are playing a game on the NES or SNES again. If you want to experience a fit of RPG nostalgia, then Cladun: This is an RPG is the perfect title for you.

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raztad2926d ago

Wow. PSP is on a roll. Another gem I dont have enough time to play :( I still need to play P3P and VC2 before even thinking about buying ths one.