Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling to be noob tubed for charity

Is there anything worse than succumbing to the grenade launcher -- AKA the dreaded noob tube -- in Modern Warfare 2? Several scientific studies (not really) have shown that there is not. And yet, Infinity Ward's Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling has agreed to do just that. As part of an Extra Life charity gaming marathon supporting Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Bowling has agreed to a match of Modern Warfare 2 with Pixel Enemy's BrassMonkeigh. Furthermore, Bowling will actually allow himself to be noob tubed during said match.

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MGRogue20172738d ago

... This should be interesting! :D

evrfighter2737d ago

should of done a bowling for bullsh*t event.

that's all he's good at.

ps3alldayeveryday2737d ago

I hope he gets noob tubed without any vaseline...

jayblings2737d ago

The best suggestion I've seen so far, "Have Activison donate $1.00 for every noob tube used during the day."

markremo2737d ago

If they want to raise money, they should just release a map pack with rehashed maps and put the proceeds toward the foundation. Oh wait..they already did that and put the money in their pockets.