Americas Preorders Chart 18 September 2010 - Final Fantasy XIV

"Final Fantasy XIV (PC) hits 200,000 pre-orders and Sid Meier’s Civilization V (PC) hits 50,000 pre-orders in their final week before release. Gran Turismo 5 picks up and Call of Duty Black Ops continues to outpace Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2..."

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jack who2921d ago

Gran Turismo 5 PS3 7 8,543 181,452

Karooo2921d ago

Dont have a PS3? are you saying the game is not of quality?

Fred-G-Sanford2920d ago

Wow, Gran Turismo 5 might end up being the biggest flop in video game history.

Sony has dumped a downright stupid amount of time and money into this game, so they must be crapping their pants right about now.

Seriously, this game has "epic fail" written all over it. lol

TheBest2920d ago

USA =/= World

Europe would easily have triple this amount of pre-orders and Japan at least equal.

Minus bubbles to both you and jack who for 'Tr0lling'.

Same for niceguywii60 below for stating s/he knows how an unfinished product will play. Sigh...

Do the same as me fellow N4Gers, it's the only way we can silence these tr0lls.

niceguywii602921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

GT5 doesn't feel like a SIM the weight of the cars is all wrong and the physics are poor at best. The handling and driving physics in GT5 are poor, last generation even. I thought they would improve these things but the article about the poor damage modeling(melted car effect) that was posted here on N4G the other day shows the cars are still on Ice like Mario Kart(cars spinning wildly in one spot for little or nothing)

I played the sh*t out of the GT5 demo when I had my PS3 and still couldn't figure out why I couldn't make it around a corner with out wildly spinning off the track. I play Forza 3 every day or every time I fire up the 360 and there is no comparison by any stretch of the imagination. The acceleration, deceleration, inertia and momentum physics in GT5 are laughable at best. GT5 doesn't even add up to modern arcade racers with a shred of realism.

It was like you had to master the manufactured loose of control like old school racers that would try to throw you off the track versus driving and controlling the cars on the track.

westy5522921d ago

Having an opinion, everyone has one but in your case you should not express it, I have never read such bs in my life. Are you sure you have played gt???

trounbyfire2920d ago

there has been no GT5 demo on PS3 yet...your talking about the time trial which wasn't even near finished code. i think it was a early vertical slice.

clearly anyone with a brain can see that the cars handle differently as well as the speed is there which the time trial lacked

but you keep living in you fantasy world and by the way GT games have pretty average openings in the states but GT has long legs and thats how it sales so much LOOK IT UP

jellybalboa2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

so you have a wii and a 360 obviously. I am growing tired of every 360 fanboy claiming that they use to own a ps3 and now have settled with a 360.then they also have the audacity to claim the xbox 360 delivers a superior gaming experience. thats like saying i was married to Aishwariya Rai(google her) but settled for a white trailer trash gal(google her). it cant happen.

R0me2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Well I dont want to waste words, but: X1 Concept Car, Citroen GT concept car,"ISUZU 4200R Concept", Volkswagen typ2(T1),Volkswagen Kubelwagen/Schwimmwagen typ166, Nascar, Rallye, Dynamic Weather System
Real-Time Weather Changes with Realistic Rain(working wipers) , realistic tire smoke simulation, 16 players can compete on multiplayer, YouTube replay output, open lobby "My Home" etc., reproducing the behavior of electric cars and the list goes on. Damage model looks maybe not final, but it is more realistic then forza etc.

We dont need to compare gt5 with Forza, because gt5 is playing in an higher league.

sdtarm2920d ago

In other news deluded fanboys dont know how to play Gran Turismo, if u ever played it

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Chucky20032921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

these are only US pre-orders,lol,GT5 never had a big sale number in US,US market means FPS and TPS games,i think that is why they put nascar in there,for US customers,GT5 is big in Europe and i think in Japan,i think you saw info from gamescom Germany,it made a big impact there everybody who tried the game loved it

I mean look in reality,what racing championship has US,only Nascar,US watches only Nascar when it comes to car racing,i don't think there are many who look at F1,rally championship,DTM,24 hour race at LE Mans,most of them are in EU,because there aren't that many US drivers in those racing categories,hell i don't even know an US driver

In short Us sale numbers don't mean anything to GT5

Projekt7tuning2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Grand am, SCCA World Challenge, ALMS, IMSA, IZOD, I could keep going. I'm an SCCA road racer and not a fan of Nascar. But for you to say The US only has and or likes Nascar is ignorant. We have the 24hr of Daytona and the 12hrs of Sebring. If your such a racing expert Why don't you know that. Porsche, Audi, BMW, Peugeot they spend a lot of money every year sending those cars across the pond every year to Florida, California, and everywhere between. Hurley Haywood and Patrick Long are from the US. and both were/are, Factory Porsche driver.
BTW Their building a track specifically for F1 in Austin Texas. They race in Canada as well. So yea, that was an ignorant comment bud. You sound like an elitist that tries to look down on the US. when all you can do is watch it wanting to be part.
It's a good life being able to have GT5 coming finally, and also having Forza 3. Both games are fantastic. D yourself a favor and get both.
There are so many World class GT driver that have won both the 24hrs of Le Mans and 24hr of Daytona it would max the amount I can type here. So retract your statement Sir. LOL

pwnd_of_lol2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

It's amusing how pathetic the pre-orders of GT5 are right now in the states....

Anyway, Call of Duty Black Ops is WAY higher than I thought it would be, Medal of Honor is looking pretty good too..

wissam2920d ago

LOL. forza 3 most a game of quality I think.

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units2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Call of Duty: Black Ops pre-orders for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions combined continue to outpace the combined pre-orders for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by 272,000 for a total of 1,221,000 with eight weeks left until release

hudsoniscool2921d ago

i dont ecpect it to outsell mw2. i think it will probably hit 10.5 million on 360 though.

emil12921d ago

i don't understand how did GT3 sold over 7 million units in North America alone:

darthdevidem012921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

It was BUNDLED for half a year which artificially inflated sales of around 3 million in the US.

Mista T2921d ago

now that I have Reach, all I need this year is GT5 and I won't buy anymore games this year :)

ndibu2921d ago

Kinect is currently sitting pretty at 11. Microsoft really know how to market their products. Its very admirable. I do not believe GT5 will do crazy numbers in the US

gijsbrecht2921d ago

But in Europe it certainly will.

westy5522920d ago

Why so many disagrees? Gijsbrecht is right, have a look over history gt does massive numbers in Europe, pretty much if you have a ps there you buy gt.

I dont really care what the Americans buy tbh, ill be playing gt5 come nov 5. They can play there FPS or whatever they want.

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