Over ten PlayStation Move gun controller accessories; dual wield or build your gun as you please

Now that Sony’s PlayStation Move controller is available, you can be assured there are plenty of accessories lined up such as guns. These guns are not to be mistaken for Nerf Ballistic Ball toys or white Wii gun peripherals. Some go for a sci-fi feel, while others (especially outside of North America) go for a more realistic feel.

The gun accessories can be used with PlayStation Move compatible games such as Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, The Shoot and more (check controller configurations for some that may also use the PlayStation Move Navigation controller).

Check out over 10 current and upcoming PlayStation Move gun controllers here.

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MultiConsoleGamer2679d ago

I love stuff like this. There were a lot of crazy gun accessories for the Wii. I can't wait to see what we get on the PS3.

Jaces2679d ago

Now those are some accessories I wouldn't mind spending some money on, specially when I'm playing Time Crisis! :D

CobraKai2679d ago

The Peacemaker looks sick as does the precision shot

DERKADER2679d ago

So gimmicky unnecessary plastic peripherals used to play shovel ware is cool now?

mfwahwah2679d ago

Who cares what's cool or not? Different strokes for different folks. Opinions opinions opinions.

Let's not act like children about this.

Jaces2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Wii accessories were extremely kiddie least these have a more adult/badass look to them.

inveni02679d ago

Video games are unnecessary, but I don't hear you complaining about those.

And R5 and Time Crisis are not shovelware.

sikbeta2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Zapper FTW!!! I'll buy a couple for my PlayStation Move controllers....

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VINNIEPAZ2679d ago

"The Peacemaker looks sick"

THIS. Now all we need is a double barrel shotgun and I'll be happy.

QSPR2679d ago Show
ImmortalLegend2679d ago

So, when the wii had these accessories they were childish. Now the move (aka wii HD) gets them and they are cool all of the sudden? Wow, you PS3 fanboys are looking like some huge hypocrites right now. PS3 has more 'mature' gamers my ass!

Sitris2679d ago

They look like real guns, not some white plastic water gun type thing. And it is far, far more than a wii HD, I have a wii and love it, but the waggle is a gimmicky annoying fun ruined for my favourite game, ssbb. The move, so far, has had me playing 6 hours straight of sports champions, purely cause the tech works so well.

ImmortalLegend2679d ago

Ok, so that's your excuse? They look more It doesn't matter if they look more real they are still gimmicky and unnecessary unless you are a child.

nycredude2679d ago

Dude the only gimmick here is your comment. Did you play the move yet? Do you own a Wii? Have you tried both? If you answer no to either of these three questions then I would say you are in no position to be talking about gimmicks and the Move. It's very obvious you haven't tried the Move. Wii Motion is a gimmick cause it doesn't work, Move isn't cause it works.

ImmortalLegend2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Wow, are you stupid? I never said move was a gimmick. I'm talking about the add-ons/accessories! Sorry man, I know your pea-sized brain can't analyze my comments correctly. Besides those accessories, your reading skills are a gimmick also.

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BornToKill2679d ago

MOVE Precision Shot 3, PS3 Move Battle Rifle and Peacemaker are my favorites.

Sheikh Yerbouti2679d ago

Because of the navigation attachment...?

Me too. I'm thinking of cancelling my order for the Move Shooting Attachment.

Edward-Kraken2679d ago

Shit. I mean Peacemaker. XD

mastiffchild2679d ago

Nah, Peacewalker was better;)

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