Best Trailers of TGS 2010

GamePro wade through the flood of trailers that came out of the Tokyo Game Show this year, select the very best ones, spit-shine 'em and lay 'em out to give your eager little eyes a taste. YUM!

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jc485732645d ago

why is Castlevania not included?

Chris3992644d ago

(If you're referring to the trailer that went up on the Japanese PSN). That's my guess.

The game looks incredible though, already pre-ordered, can't wait!

darthdevidem012644d ago

IMO FF Versus XIII and especially Agito XIII (WORLD MAP IS BACK!!!!!!!!)

And of course Ninokuni

J BO2644d ago

let me get this, they missed Castelvania and bring DMC to the best trailers.

Failed so hard

2644d ago
firelogic2644d ago

Horrible list from a horrible gaming rag.