PSU: PlayStation Move Buyer's Guide

PSU writes:

"Well, here we are. After unwrapping the first details on the PlayStation 3’s answer to the Wii-mote back at E3 2009, Sony will finally be unleashing its wand-waggling foray in to the motion-sensing market this week with the launch of PlayStation Move. As regular readers will no doubt already be aware of, PSU Towers has already got its grubby mitts on our own Move device plus an assortment of games, coverage of which can be found here.

However, with a myriad of options for grabs at retail, hardware launches at the best of times can prove a decidedly daunting mass of prices, bundles and software for punters, which is why we’ve decided to attempt to alleviate your investment woes by providing a handy buyers guide for your viewing pleasure."

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